Becky Lynch Versus Ronda Rousey Cancelled

Most of us were looking forward to Becky Lynch and Ronda Rousey headlining Survivor Series, but an unexpected spanner got thrown in the works. Unfortunately, Becky suffered serious injuries during Monday Night RAW which led to her being pulled from the upcoming pay-per-view.

What Happened?

An exciting segment on Monday Night RAW saw Becky Lynch leading the charge against the female RAW roster. During a Stone Cold Austin moment, Becky took on the RAW women’s locker room with her SmackDown comrades. Unfortunately, she got severely injured during the attack.

Shortly after the segment, Becky was examined by WWE doctors. Fightful reported shortly afterwards that Becky had suffered a concussion and possibly a broken nose. Now, she has been pulled from the event completely.

According to British television channel Sky News, Becky suffered her injuries after a punch from Nia Jax.

Hope for the Future

The match between Rousey and Becky could have been one of the most iconic women’s matches, but has now disappeared. Becky has named Charlotte as her replacement, but many of us are sad the match won’t happen.

Let’s face it. Many fans have wanted to see a push for Becky for years. Now that it has happened, a fluke accident is putting that push in jeopardy. Concussions are not that straightforward either, so it is not known how long Becky will be out.

Despite the bad luck of an injury, Becky’s push is far from over in my opinion. She has shown that she can be an amazing heel champion, with a crowd behind her that is almost reminiscent of Stone Cold Steve Austin.

The match between Ronda Rousey and Becky Lynch simply must happen in the future, there is no doubt about it. It was built as the main match for Survivor Series and it was built well! The WWE simply must find a way to make this happen in the future.