WrestleMania 35’s Main Event, Possible Changes To SmackDown

WrestleMania 35's Main Event
As the unofficial WrestleMania 31 main event, these two are bound to tussle eventually as the company continues to build Roman Reigns as the next face of the company. As inexperienced as Reigns may be in nearly every aspect of the profession, he’s the company’s choice to lead the WWE through 2015 and perhaps beyond. We shall see.

‘- While WrestleMania 35 is still months away, WWE is already looking towards the main event. After last year’s WrestleMania, early speculation was that Rond Rousey vs. Charlotte Flair would be the main event. It would be another positive step for the female superstars as they have never headlined the biggest wrestling event of the year. 

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, nothing is set in stone to close the show from MetLife Stadium on April 7. WWE is looking to see the reaction Charlotte gets after her feud with Becky Lynch ends. Despite Charlotte being billed as the face, fans are leaning more towards Becky being the favorite. 

If WWE decides to not book Charlotte vs. Rousey as the main event, the spot would then go to Roman Reigns. The past several main event spots have gone to Reigns, with fans giving mixed reviews each time. Back in April for of this year for WrestleMania 34, Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar was heavily criticized. Even if Reigns gets the nod to again close the show, WWE does not have an opponent in mind. We are still waiting for WWE to put the Universal Championship on Braun Strowman and WrestleMania 35 could be the right time and place.

– When WWE beings SmackDown to the FOX network next year, there some rumored changes. SmackDown will be part of a new block of programming on FOX, which will run from Thursday through Sunday. 

FOX wants less of a comedic aspect on the show, with attention being focused on the sports area. They also want to do lots of cross promotion with their other shows on their network. So, do not be surprised if names from the sports world end up appearing on SmackDown.

SmackDown officially moves to Friday nights on FOX starting October 4, 2019; so, anything could happen between now and then involving both sides.

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