Sasha Banks Returning?

‘- Many within the WWE Universe were both shocked and happy to see Maria and Mike Kanellis debut on 205 LIVE this week. Mike has done little on Monday Night RAW as of late, and Maria has been off of television on her maternity leave for over a year now.

Wrestling Observer Radio’s Dave Meltzer recently chimed in on the couple’s 205 LIVE move by saying the decision may have a few factors behind it. First off, the 205 brand could use Maria’s star power and mic skills, and Mike has leaned up nicely enough to fit into the Cruiserweight roster.

New parents to an adorable baby girl, here’s hoping Maria and Mike Kanellis experience some incredible success on 205 LIVE now that they’ve landed on the roster. It’s undeniable that they could create a strong impact within the WWE’s Cruiserweight division, and if their Power of Love gimmick is given the strong push it deserves, WWE audiences will finally be able to connect with this pair.

– As most fans of The Boss have noticed, Sasha Banks has been missing on RAW television as of late, and that’s because the former WWE women’s champion was pulled from action in late September seemingly due to an injury; however, the company has been hush-hush around what Bank’s is actually suffering from. She was originally set to partner up with Bobby Lashley for the Mixed Match Challenge, but was then replaced by Mickie James. Banks was also pulled from tapings of MTV’s Ridiculousness recently, where SD LIVE Women’s Champion Becky Lynch filled in.

While many fans miss seeing Sasha, there may be some good news on the horizon. The Boss is currently being advertised for a house show in Portland, Maine, taking place on Saturday, October 20th. With the first-ever all-women’s pay-per-view Evolution scheduled for October 28th, there is a good possibility that Banks could be back for this historic event.


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It’s important to note that Sasha is not advertised for any other house shows that weekend, which happens to include a live event taking place in Boston, The Boss’ hometown. She does happen to be advertised for the October 22nd edition of Monday Night RAW, but only by the venue and it could be that the listing is outdated.

Here’s hoping that Sasha Banks can return for Evolution and be a part of this huge milestone for the WWE women’s division. She has been advertised for the event since it was announced; however, this doesn’t necessarily mean that she will participate, and cards are always subject to change. It’s important to note that The Boss is not listed on the Evolution page within WWE’s website, but still appears in some promotional graphics for the pay-per-view.