Vince Banking on Drew McIntyre

The so-called “Roman Reigns Experiment” has not been the best of Vince’s pet projects. However, things could be changing soon as the current owner of the WWE has his sights set on Drew McIntyre. Recent reports state that Drew has a big push in the nearby future and for once I agree.

Raw’s Biggest Asset

drew mcintyre next big thing

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that Drew McIntyre has been one of Raw’s biggest assets since his return. Even though the WWE did not plan on a singles push for the Scottish Psychopath, they soon changed their minds once Drew came out head and shoulders above his tag team partner Dolph Ziggler.


Many of you won’t remember that Drew McIntyre did a stint in the WWE before. However, he was released after not being able to get his character off the ground. Fortunately for us, McIntyre worked hard to get back in WWE’s good graces and returned with a character that made many of us tune in.

Strowman Making Room for McIntyre?

Braun Strowman

Unfortunately, the push for Drew McIntyre could be bad news for another big guy on the Raw roster. Braun Strowman had several fights with the current WWE champion in the past, making it unlikely the WWE will pit him against Roman Reigns again after his triple treat match.

There is no doubt in my mind that the WWE has missed the boat with Braun Strowman. Not only did they turn him heel and put him into a faction – which frankly he did not need – they did not play on his popularity when they had the chance. Instead, they gave him several failed attempts at capturing the WWE Universal Championship. Now, he is in danger of being overtaken by Drew McIntyre as main contender.

While I certainly am a McIntyre supporter, I cannot help but face palm over the way Braun Strowman was treated. The man could not have been more over with the WWE Universe, yet he had to take a backseat to the Roman experiment for months.

Of course, part of me wonders if Drew will be more fodder for Roman Reigns. I have nothing against Roman Reigns, far from it, but I do believe in equal opportunity. You cannot have a man at the top of the industry and beat down his opponents with minimal effort time and time again. That title needs to switch hands and other champions need to cement themselves. If the WWE does not start building new “heroes” soon, they will have no veterans to call back in the future.

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