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Undertaker On Working With Andre The Giant

‘- Undertaker gave a rare out of character interview this week to the New York Post, where he addressed a rumored match with the late Andre the Giant. The match never happened, but Andre had a solid relationship with Undertaker and saw him as a future big man in the pro wrestling business.

“He liked me and, you know, I guess we always think we got one [match] left in us, you know,” said Undertaker to the New York Post. “[Andre said] one day, kid, me and you. I have this idea.”

We will never what the type of match could have been as Andre did not disclose that information to a then young Undertaker; who would eventually become of the most famous wrestlers in the history of the business. It is possible that he shared the information with someone like Vince McMahon, but he would never gossip about the company he helped create. 

– When it comes to WWE creative, Vince McMahon still has the final say but delegates some of the responsibilities for RAW and SmackDown. As for NXT, Triple H does have a major role in that particular brand.

For RAW, the lead writer is Ed Koskey. He is described as having the most output besides Vince and Triple H. On the SmackDown side, the head writers are “Road Dogg” Brian James and Ryan Ward. Joe Belcastro is the lead writers for NXT.

The Chief of Staff for creative is Dave Kapoor, who many might recall from TV as the Ranjin Singh character. All those men are at the creative meetings with Vince and Triple H at WWE Headquarters. As for the rest of the creative team, they usually only interact with Vince at TV tapings. The writing team basically gets input from Vince and follow what they are told to write.

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