Rey Mysterio’s Return Date Confirmed!

Batista’s return date was confirmed¬†by official WWE channels a couple of days ago. However, now the WWE has released the official return date for Rey Mysterio too, which is set for SmackDown 1000, too! But, there are some rumblings Rey’s return date might be even more imminent, with the WWE looking to create a surprise “pop” at Australia’s Super Show-Down.

Super Show-Down Is Stacked to the Brim!

Super Show-Down

Australia’s Super Show-Down already has a stacked card with big names such as Triple H, the Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, and John Cena. However, it seems the WWE wants to make Super Show-Down one of the most memorable events of the year with some surprise appearances.

A return for Rey Mysterio during SmackDown’s 1000th episode makes a lot of sense, since Mysterio certainly contributed to the success of SmackDown in his early career. That being said, the news about his imminent SmackDown return could be a plant to surprise Australia’s viewers with the fan favorite’s return.

Even if Rey Mysterio returns during Australia’s Super Show-Down, it is likely that the high-flyer will end up on the same roster as his best friend, Batista, whose return was confirmed for SmackDown 1000. The return of Batista is also set to reinstate Evolution as a faction, albeit temporarily.

Batista Versus Mysterio

The return of the real-life best friends could mean some interesting things for SmackDown Live. Batista has said he wants a final epic run in the WWE, which means a full-time wrestling schedule. Mysterio has already signed his WWE contract, so with Batista also ending up on the brand, could the WWE work out a feud between the friends?

A good feud between Batista and Mysterio is something I could sink my teeth into. However, another part of me would love to see Mysterio and Batista as a tag team again! Let’s face it, the SmackDown roster could use a little veteran infusion, so why not create a team with these two buddies?

The Future for Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio

One of the matches everyone is expecting to happen on the SmackDown Live roster is one between AJ Styles and Rey Mysterio. The crowd will find it difficult to pick one wrestler to support though, as most fans who support Styles also support Mysterio. I’m one of those people, so I don’t know how I will feel during the match.

Either way, the match between Mysterio and Styles is most likely going to be a mutual respect match, opposed to the traditional face versus heel. Both wrestlers are Hall of Fame material at this point, so I have no idea how the WWE will pick a winner. They might need a good heel to cause some interference or a disqualification. When you love both wrestlers, there is no true winner or loser.

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