Petition Demands Crown Jewel Cancellation and Contract Cancellation!

A recent Care2 Petition is putting further pressure on the WWE to cancel the Crown Jewel event. It is no secret that fans are quite understandably upset about the WWE’s decision to go ahead with the Crown Jewel pay-per-view. Especially since the WWE just doubled down on their choice of location.

Added Pressure

Crown Jewel

The Care2 Petition, created by user Alison P., is looking to put more pressure on the WWE to cancel the upcoming pay-per-view as well as a cancellation of the 10-year deal with Saudi Arabia. At the time of this article, the petition has over 13,000 signatures towards 14,000 goal.

In the petition, Alison states that the WWE will have “blood on their hands” if they continue with the deal. She also states that the WWE has a responsibility to represent American values.

Of course, the Care2 Petition is not the only action that is being taken. Several US Senators have spoken out about the WWE’s choice to continue with the Saudi deal. However, it seems the only way the event will be cancelled if is President Trump forbids the show to take place.

Only a Handful of Superstars Support the Event

Crown Jewel

Unsurprisingly, many WWE superstars are not excited about performing in Saudi Arabia. However, there is a handful of talent who support the decision including Randy Orton and Kevin Nash.

I reported Orton’s statements yesterday, making it clear that his comments were more those of a company man than his own. However, the comments of Kevin Nash bother me more.

““[WWE should] honor it’s contract. It’s entertainment not a UN summit.” – Kevin Nash

JBL has also spoken out in support of the upcoming event, although he made a similar statement to that of Randy Orton. I think it is a little ludicrous though. I wonder how they would feel if Mr. Khashoggi was a family member of theirs? Or how would they feel if men were not allowed to wrestle in Saudi Arabia? Fortunately, their opinion means nothing to me as a woman.

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