Is Eva Marie Looking to Return to the WWE?

While Eva Marie was considered as one of the most beautiful women in the WWE ever, her wrestling skills were far from perfect. The Universe was less than impressed with her performance. Even after training with Brian Kendrick and NXT, the WWE Universe did not want to see Eva Marie anymore.

Despite the fact she made an awesome heel, she was released from the WWE some time ago. However, a recent interview with Pro Wrestling Sheet shows that Eva Marie might be making her way back to the WWE ring.

Who Is Eva Marie?

Anyone who has been following Total Divas from the beginning will be familiar with Eva Marie. Eva was a WWE wrestler who appeared on the show from 2013 to 2017. She also appeared in some movies including the 2017 film Inconceivable and had a minor role in Action No. 1, where she played a bounty hunter.

Eva Marie was much like marmite in the wrestling business. You either loved her or hated her. She did not have the best of reputations among her fellow female wrestlers. They accused her of getting special treatment and not putting enough work into her wrestling abilities.

While she was one of the most promising heels, the WWE released Eva Marie after her “push.” Even though she had many haters, I actually really liked Eva Marie. Was she a wrestler as good as Sasha Banks or Bailey? No, but she did have a presence about her that made me want to watch. For that reason alone, I would love to see her back.

During the interview, Eva hinted she would love to make a return to the wrestling business. Here are some of the most prominent statements from that interview.

“I feel like I do have unfinished business there. Ultimately, everyone — I think it would be silly if you didn’t say this — but, you know, you want the title.” – Eva Marie

“They can continue to criticize my character and stuff like that because that’s all about it. You want to cheer for somebody and you want to boo for somebody. And that’s what makes the whole segment so exciting. But then when it was like, ‘ohhhh, she doesn’t care about wrestling,’ I’m like ‘f*ck off.’ Don’t be mad because I got an opportunity and I’m busting my ass out here.” – eva marie

What Should the WWE Do with Eva Marie?

Eva Marie had something called “nuclear heat,” which comes down to the fans really disliking her. If you want to get someone over in the wrestling business, putting them against another wrestler with nuclear heat is the best way to do it. So, why not use that heat that Eva has to build other characters up?

I do have to mention that she improved dramatically after her training sessions with Brian Kendrick. Did she get preferential treatment? Sure. Did I dislike her for it? Not really. Would I love to see her again in NXT or main roster WWE? For sure!

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