Evolution Delivered! Brutal Becky Versus Charlotte Match

When Evolution started, it was clear that the entire event had very little guidance in terms of backstage management. Despite that, Evolution delivered more than most pay-per-views the WWE have held this year. Here are my personal highlights!

It Was Fun…

Remember a time in the WWE where you could just have fun with things? For most of us, it is hard to remember, but Evolution brought the fun back into the WWE. From silly dance moves to the commentary team just enjoying the moment. It was great!

IIconics Are Super Heels!

I have honestly been in love with the IIconics since they have come up to the main roster. They are some of the best talkers on the roster which putts them in a prime heel position. They also delivered during Evolution, insulting the crowd and all the athletes in the ring at the same time. Of course, this led them to be the first to be eliminated.

Brutal Becky Versus Charlotte Match!

Dear lord, I have no words to describe how brutal this match was. Ladders, chairs, tables, and announcer desks, nothing was off-limits during this epic battle. While I had no doubt Charlotte and Becky would deliver the match of the night, they exceeded my already high expectations.

The Battle Royal Was Amazing!


Let’s face it, nobody had high expectations when it came to the Battle Royal, especially since most of the SmackDown roster were disappointed when they were spontaneously drafted for the event.

Despite the lazy Battle Royal provided by the WWE, every athlete competing turned it into an amazing battle. It even fueled my interest in an old rivalry between Asuka and Ember Moon, something the crowd agreed with as well! Both Asuka and Ember impressed, but in the end Nia Jax came out victorious.

Veterans Display Their Incredible Physique

Shout out to the veterans who competed during Evolution. They may have been outside the wrestling ring for a while, but boy those ladies got some power. I was especially impressed with Ivory during the Battle Royal. She showed the world once and for all just how good she really is. Michelle McCool also displayed some amazing feats of strength!

Of course, when mentioning veterans, we also need to look at Trish Stratus, Lita, and Mickie James, who put on a match that was full of nostalgia and impressive feats.

Amazing Beth

I cannot forget to mention Beth Phoenix on commentary. She did an extraordinary job and kept me excited throughout the matches. She definitely deserves a permanent position in my book.

Impressed by Liv Morgan

I have to admit, I was not that excited about the match between the Riott Squad and Sasha Banks, Bailey, and Natalia. Still, Liv Morgan impressed me and kept my interest high during the match. You could see her nerves when their opponents came to the ring, but boy did she pull the spotlight in the ring. Excellent job Liv! Future champ right there!

Ronda Impresses Once More

The match between Nikki Bella and Ronda Rousey was not expected to be a blockbuster, even though I had high expectations for Ronda. Fortunately, my trust in her was well-places, as she put down an amazing match.

Honestly, Ronda is born to be in a wrestling ring. She just gets better every week and always comes up with something new. Considering this is a novelty for many wrestlers, it is nice to see how motivated she is to make her WWE run a success.

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