Chyna and The Forgotten Women of WWE’s Women’s Revolution

The WWE has created its own legends when it comes to women’s wrestling, but they’ve left out some important contributors to the so-called women’s revolution … such as Chyna.

While Evolution did show Chyna in the promotional material, you may as well have blinked and missed her. While many of the trailblazers were covered in Evolution, the entire event was definitely seen as PR for the WWE, with various superstars just saying how grateful they were for the opportunity.

Some of the historic female wrestlers not being recognized in the women’s revolution had a complicated history with the WWE. With that said, it is important for them to be mentioned all the more! Let’s take a look:

1. Chyna

When you think about a woman who had a massive impact on how women are perceived in the world of professional wrestling, Chyna is certainly one of the names that springs to mind. Chyna was the first woman ever to enter the men’s Royal Rumble, before there was even a hint about a women’s Royal Rumble. She was also the first and the only female athlete to hold the men’s Intercontinental Championship.

While Chyna was one of the most impressive women to ever set foot in the WWE, the company is reluctant to give Chyna the spotlight she deserved in life. At the time of this article, she has not been mentioned for the Hall of Fame, nor does Chyna feature in any of the promotional content revolving around the women’s revolution.

2. AJ Lee

Reigning supreme during the Diva era, AJ Lee seems to missing from all promotional materials when the women’s revolution is mentioned.

The lack of mention of AJ Lee has little to do with AJ Lee herself, but more with the contentious relationship between the WWE and AJ’s husband CM Punk.

There is no doubt that the WWE Universe misses AJ Lee greatly. With the women’s division continuously growing, a superstar such as Lee could make a serious difference.

3. Gail Kim

During a time when female wrestlers received minimal promotion, the likes of Maryse and Gail Kim kept bringing the attention back to women’s wrestling. While Maryse does get a prominent role in the WWE these days, Gail Kim is all but forgotten.

Gail Kim has been outspoken regarding her dislike for the WWE. Even though she was a major talent, she was released from the company in 2004, after the WWE claimed it would take its women’s division in a different direction.

Kim continued with wrestling though, as she quickly switched to TNA (now Impact Wrestling). She lifted the Knockouts division to an entirely new level. Considering her success in Impact and her dislike for WWE management, Gail Kim is not even mentioned when it comes to women’s wrestling. A big shame if you ask me.