Becky Lynch Lashes Out At Super-Show Down Poster! Can You Spot Why?

Becky Lynch’s new heel character is playing in her favor. Not only has she enjoyed an epic reaction from the crowd, but she can also now be more “unfiltered” on her social media pages.



Becky was particularly vocal about the latest poster for Australia’s Super Show-Down. Can you spot why?

Looking at the poster for the event, one would expect the SmackDown Women’s Champion to be present on it. However, Becky is nowhere near to be seen on the advertising material, leading her to write her discontent on Twitter.

Genuine Oversight?

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If this is a genuine mistake by the WWE, it is acceptable. It is a bit reminiscent of the WWE ignoring the Intercontinental Championship a few years back. Only when the Miz gained the championship, did the title become more prominent again.

The lack of Becky Lynch on the poster is certainly not down to the Irish Lasskicker. The crowd has been quite vocal about seeing Becky succeed and wrestle, so what is the WWE thinking skipping an important wrestler on promotional material?

Once again, this is a case of the WWE pushing their agenda opposed to listening to what the fans want. They turned Becky and gave her the titles, yes, but on the other hand, they haven’t done much with her. Her not being featured on the Super Show-Down poster is not a positive sign for the future.

Why the Crowd Can’t Boo Becky

Becky can come out with the rudest comments and be a right brat; the crowd will not boo her at this point. Many people have waited a long time to see her recapture the title. Now that this has happened, it is unlikely they will boo her anytime soon.

Does this mean Becky must turn again? Not necessarily, numerous WWE characters have been a big success as a permanent heel. Just think about Stone Cold Steve Austin. Yes, he did the occasional “face” action by giving Vince McMahon a Stone Cold Stunner. He was, in essence, a heel with a do-not-care attitude. Becky does not have to turn; she lets her wrestling speak for her.

The WWE is so out of touch with its viewers – which decisions such as the Strowman turn, Roman pushes, and the Brock Lesnar championship reign have proven. With RAW having its lowest viewership ratings last week, it might be time for the WWE to reevaluate its priorities, starting by putting the women’s champion on the promotional poster.

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