WWE Mad At Chris Jericho?

Chris Jericho, one of the WWE’s most iconic wrestlers, is currently a free agent. Jericho is having a blast on the indies, but how does he stand with WWE?

Since Jericho has been around the indie map of late, many people are wondering if he is set to make an appearance in some other significant promotions. Pundits are throwing Impact Wrestling and Ring of Honor around as places Jericho could land. So, which of these notable indies is Chris Jericho considering? And did his recent appearance during “All In” have consequences for the WWE superstar?

Both Indie Promotions Are Up for Discussion

Chris Jericho at SiriusXM Studios on August 29, 2017, in New York City.

During an interview of James Ellsworth’s DuhCast podcast, Chris Jericho spoke briefly about the possibility of working for either Ring of Honor or Impact Wrestling.

“When someone says, ‘Would you ever go to IMPACT? Would you ever go to Ring Of Honor? Would you ever go here there or wherever? Yeah sure, why not? If its creatively satisfying, if it’s something that I can really sink my teeth into, something that I can really enjoy, then why wouldn’t I give it a try?”

Even though Chris Jericho is showing an interest in appearing in various indie promotions such as Impact Wrestling and Ring of Honor, we must mention that Jericho has said there have not been any official talks between him and these indie promotions. Therefore, an appearance on any of these promotions may not be scheduled in the nearby future.

Appearance at All In?

Chris Jericho’s surprise appearance at the indie super event “ALL IN” was a big hit with fans. The crowd loved his surprise attack on Kenny Omega however it is believed the WWE had no idea Chris Jericho was going to attend the event. As it stands, Cody Rhodes and the Young Bucks are considered as serious competition for the WWE by wrestling fans, even though WWE management appears not to be taking the insurgents so seriously. The question if Chris Jericho will experience a backlash for appearing at the indie event is currently unclear. However, he has made WWE appearances during this ‘indie run’ so it is safe to assume he doesn’t have heat. WWE is still miles above their closest competitor, so they aren’t worried about anyone coming for their thrown…yet.

Despite his unscheduled appearance, Chris’ veteran status ensures he is safe from serious repercussions, at least in my humble opinion. Unless Jericho does something that goes against WWE rules of conduct, there will always be a place for him.

Chris Jericho wrestling on the indies has been best for business. It shows that the WWE no longer has the sole right on professional wrestling, giving fans plenty of options.

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