What Could WWE Learn From IMPACT’s Latest Sellout?

TNA was in trouble, but Impact Wrestling is doing better than ever! Total Non-Stop Action is officially dead, yet Impact is raking in the success they have always wanted.

The upcoming Impact Wrestling pay-per-view, Bound for Glory, has already sold out its ticket. Is there something the WWE could learn from Impact’s success at the moment?

Record Ticket Sell Out!

Tickets for the upcoming pay-per-view, Bound for Glory, became available on August 25th. However, only an hour later, people already experienced problems getting tickets. Several hours later, the company had sold out all its tickets.

Impact Wrestling has been successful in turning their brand around. TNA seemed to struggle under the guidance of Jeff Jarrett, but has now found a second wind since the management change.

Despite some incidents on Impact Wrestling, including the Sami Callihan botch, the Alberto Del Rio no-show, signing Rich Swann, and the bleeding of its talent, Impact Wrestling has come out on top.

I admit, the show is not always fantastic, but the product overall is certainly worth a watch. Impact Wrestling has regained most of its following and – dare I say – gained some fans too.

The Success of Bound for Glory Explained

The success of Bound for Glory cannot solely be attributed to Impact Wrestling. I believe the Lucha Underground stars who will be appearing during this pay-per-view certainly contributed to the massive ticket sales. Remember, they put two major indie brands together, an event loyal fans do not want to miss.

Those of you who were not able to get tickets for this massive event do not have to worry though. Bound for Glory will be streamed live on Twitch. However, you have to be at least thirteen years old to sign up.

What Could WWE Learn?

Fresh match-ups and up and coming talent sell tickets. The combination of established Impact stars plus Lucha Underground talent and some new blood mean that Impact is creating something different. Like the successful “All IN” fans want to break free from the standard PPV show. WWE’s already trying Evolution, why not build out more shows that feature different talent than what we see every week on TV? Impact could have laid down and died so many times, but they’ve kept fighting and are on the path to success. WWE isn’t in any danger of being overtaken, but perhaps they can use Impact’s unconventional story-telling and emphasis on young talent. We’ve already seen former Impact producer Jeremy Borash affect NXT, hopefully, he gets a shot at the main roster. Trying something new is always worth the risk, at least temporarily!

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