Roman And Seth Were Labeled Rude For Refusing Photos – Here’s Why They Were In The Right

Being a celebrity is not always easy since you have to deal with a bucket load of fans following you wherever you go. At all times of the day, you are expected to be friendly and courteous, something that is pretty much impossible for a human being. Some fans have now attempted to shame Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns for refusing to take a picture. Here is the story.

“I’m Not an Animal in a Cage”

Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins got stalked by some fans when they decided to do some late-night shopping at a supermarket. A Twitter user by the name of Veronica reported both superstars refused to take pictures, which I can understand.

According to Veronica’s social media account, Seth Rollins refused to take some pictures with kid fans, while Roman stated he was not an animal in a cage and to stop taking pictures.

“Reigns told my dad he was not an animal in a cage and [to] stop taking pictures.”

After blasting Roman and Seth, Veronica did mention that she did run into Braun and Alexa at the store as well and that they were extremely friendly. Naturally, Veronica’s posts have sparked a bit of a debate among wrestling fans.

I Side with Roman and Seth

Veronica should be ashamed of putting all that on Twitter. Wrestlers have some of the most grueling schedules in the world. Not only do they wrestle most days of the year, they travel around the world, have to fulfill all sorts of media commitments and stay in shape all at the same time. If you want a picture and a chat with a superstar, go to a damn meet and greet. Outside of that, leave them just the little bit of time they have to live their life.

I understand you do not come across a WWE superstar in the supermarket every day, but it does not give you the right to impede on their downtime like that. They are people, just like you or me, and I believe we would be less than amused to be bothered in the supermarket when tired or simply picking something up quickly before heading back to the hotel. Some fans have trouble putting themselves in someone else’s shoes. Supporting a WWE superstar does not give you the right to demand things from them. Unfortunately, not everyone seems to get that. If a WWE star says no to a photograph, you need to respect that and not shame them on twitter. Shame on them? No, Veronica. Shame on you.

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