Major Report On Paul Heyman’s New “Clients”

Ever since his client, Brock Lesnar, lost the Universal Championship, Paul Heyman has not appeared on WWE television. However, we have not seen the last of Heyman yet, since there are some rumors that he might be managing some big WWE superstars in the future. Here is the story!

Heyman To Manage Major Talent

Ringside News was the first to officially report that Heyman could be on his way back to WWE television. There are certainly some superstars that could benefit from having Paul Heyman as their manager.

One of the people who is rumored to become a Paul Heyman Guy is Kevin Owens. It would make logical sense though. Owens has been struggling on the roster and has suffered a series of poor bookings in the past. With Heyman by his side, Owens could get to his full potential. He also resigned with the WWE this year, so it could mean the WWE have some plans for the former Prize Fighter.

Aside from Owens, there is also talk that Heyman could be managing Ronda Rousey; this means the next Paul Heyman Guy might not be a guy at all. I, for one, think it is a great idea. Ronda needs some help with mic work, so why not let her shine in the ring and leave the talking to Heyman?

New Wrestling Stable?

There are some wrestling reports who claim that Heyman is not just looking for one new Paul Heyman Guy or Girl, because the WWE is considering a new wrestling stable with Heyman at the helm!

There are a lot of wrestlers who could use Heyman’s guidance. Dare I say, could Heyman manage the same stable on two different rosters? For example, a wrestling stable that surpasses brands such as SmackDown Live or Raw. Good wrestlers such as Tye Dillinger, Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, and other wrestlers who are in dire need of a serious push could certainly benefit from having Heyman is their go-to guy! Could we have a new Dangerous Alliance?

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