Hell In A Cell Predictions And Spoilers!

Hell in a Cell is here, so it is time for our expert team to give their opinions on possible winners, twists, and turns to expect during the HIAC pay-per-view. Let’s get this show on the road!

Roman Reigns Versus Braun Strowman (Hell in a Cell Match for the WWE Universal Championship)

Sandra: Whether you love or hate Roman Reigns, nobody can deny he had a fantastic feud with Braun Strowman. That feud is now being reignited at Hell in a Cell 2018. There has also been an announcement that Mick Foley will be there as a special referee, which can only prove more interesting.

Where the winner of the match is concerned, it could go either way. On one side, we have the Shield. On the other, we have Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler supporting Strowman. However, since Strowman turned heel, I believe he will be the next Universal Champion after Hell in a Cell.

Hunter: I think Braun wins here. The Shield get neutralized early in the night (more on that later) and can’t come to his aid, Roman gets ambushed by the entire heel locker room, and Braun mauls him for the victory.

Katie: Unfortunately, I believe WWE is setting up Braun Strowman to be the fourth person in the history of the Money in the Bank briefcase to cash in and lose. (Comment below if you know WITHOUT looking it up who the other three are!)

Think about it: WWE has been trying FOR YEARS to get Roman Reigns over, and I don’t see him losing the Universal Championship so soon after finally wresting it from the grip of Brock Lesnar, and especially not now that The Shield is getting the reunion run they deserve. Ambrose and Rollins will equalize whatever tomfoolery Ziggler and McIntyre attempt, and I don’t think Mick Foley’s presence as a special guest referee will have any bearing on the match outside of instilling a novelty factor. The Big Dog will rule the yard yet again.

Jack: I tend to agree with Katie. How many years as WWE been trying to get Roman Reigns over as the inheritor of John Cena’s face of the company role? Now that that mission appears to be the most successful it’s been to date; it seems unlikely they will take the Universal title off the new champion.

This is not to discount the apparent popularity, and investment WWE has in Braun Strowman, even as a heel. But his push is relatively new compared to the longterm Reigns project. Expect Strowman to join that small club of Money in the Bank winners who lost their title cash-ins.

AJ Styles Versus Samoa Joe (WWE Championship Match)

Sandra: The personal feud between AJ Styles and Samoa Joe is set to end at Hell in Cell. Unfortunately, there are no extra stipulations for this match, so I believe this rivalry may end with a dud. I would have been happy with this feud continuing for some time.

As for the winner of this match, if the feud is indeed set to end at Hell in a Cell, I think AJ Styles will retain the WWE Championship.

Hunter: AJ Styles has been WWE Champion more than half of this time in WWE. In the modern era that is unheard of. AJ is the flag-ship leader of SmackDown and pound-for-pound the best wrestler in the company. But it may be Joe’s time. Injuries have stopped and started Joe’s momentum for a few years, but this is the time to pull the trigger. Vince loves monster, and Joe fits that bill. Expect this one to be brutal and quick with Joe uses mind games to get the victory over Styles. If any match besides the Universial Title should be inside the cell, it should be this one.

Katie: First of all, the fact that this is just a regular ol’ match doesn’t make any sense. Not only because this is Hell in a Cell, but because the last time AJ Styles and Samoa Joe squared off it ended in DQ after Styles unleashed some RUTHLESS AGGRESSION.

Second of all, unless WWE decides to shock the pants off of us, I think Styles will retain. Then again, every time I’ve thought Styles would lose he kept, so maybe it’ll go the opposite this time. But I don’t see WWE allowing top babyface Styles to disappoint Wendy and Annie again.

Jack: This one of the two best feuds in WWE right now. A good way to extend it – and they should and probably will – would be Joe holding up the title while standing over a broken AJ Styles, while glaring at Wendy and Annie Styles in the audience. If you think AJ lost his cool in their last match…

There are also plenty of ways to keep Joe strong with Styles retaining, but I don’t think that happens here. If Reigns is unlikely to lose, as is women’s champion Charlotte – and WWE wants to have a significant title change on the show – expect Joe to leave HIAC the new WWE champion.

Charlotte Flair Versus Becky Lynch (SmackDown Women’s Championship Match)

Sandra: While I am a little disappointed this match will not be a cell match, it is one of the feuds I’m looking forward to the most. I would love to see, Becky finally getting the championship reign she so deserves.

Becky turning heel may have been the best thing for her, despite the fact not everyone is feeling the storyline. Despite that, I believe she will put some dirty tactics in place and win the championship belt. Maybe with some help from the IIconics?

Hunter: Rumors are running that this is going to be a ‘double-turn’ with WWE steering into Becky’s popularity. I am skeptical as WWE almost never does a double-turn, but if any two are talented enough to pull it off, it is Becky and Charlotte. Charlotte needs to be a heel heading into her match with Rousey at WrestleMania, so I think she might beat up Becky but turn Becky good in the process.

Katie: If you’ve seen the rumored WWE Evolution card, then you know this feud isn’t ending at Hell in a Cell. In theory, that means one of two things: either Becky Lynch will win, or Charlotte will retain via DQ or a double count-out. Given how personal and nasty this feud has been, I’m leaning toward the latter happening on Sunday. Despite what internet wrestling critics believe, the folks at WWE aren’t stupid. They know the WWE Universe wants Becky to win, and when she comes up short on Sunday, it will give fans that much more incentive to tune in to Charlotte vs. Becky II next month at Evolution.

Jack: The other best feud in WWE right now along with Styles and Joe. While I’m fine with Becky Lynch being booked as a tweener (she’s the fan favorite no matter how they book her), I am disappointed Charlotte Flair isn’t working as a heel. Flair not only is a natural heel, as Jim Ross and others have observed, but her being a heel in this scenario makes the most sense, and even makes sense if she’s going to face Ronda Rousey in that oft-mentioned dream match in the future.

This feud is relatively new and could be a real break out moment for Lynch if WWE and both performers play their cards right. Expect Lynch to look sharp, Charlotte to retain and hopefully, Flair does so by being the dirtiest player in the game.

Ronda Rousey Versus Alexa Bliss (Raw Women’s Championship Match)

Sandra: I love bad-a*s Rousey right now. Her character is growing and evolving and I am glad I get to witness all of it. As for her match at Hell in a Cell, I believe she will retain. Unless there is some serious interference from a third or even fourth party, Rousey will kick Bliss’ butt and retain.

Hunter: Ronda wins in epic fashion, and then Natalia turns on her friend?

Katie: There’s just no way Ronda Rousey doesn’t retain here. There’s nothing else to be said.

Jack: For as much as wrestling fans complain when they believe WWE gets something wrong, they usually don’t praise the company when they get something right (which has to be most things, or why else would we all watch Raw and Smackdown every week!).It’s hard to recall a better-handled emergence of a new WWE star than Ronda Rousey, whose immeasurable talents obviously have much to do with her success. She has been especially killing it with her believable promos. I mean, check out this gem from Raw Monday: Rousey’s match with the equally talented Bliss will undoubtedly be quality, but expect the champ to be kept strong including retaining the women’s title.

Jeff Hardy Versus Randy Orton (Hell in a Cell Match)

Sandra: I find myself caring little about this match. I love Jeff Hardy though, but I cannot find myself excited. As for the outcome, I believe Orton will win and this feud will continue. However, there might be one redeeming factor, Hardy doing a Swanton from the top of the cell.

Hunter: As a fellow weirdo, Jeff Hardy cutting babyface promos in psychedelic facepaint does it for me. Randy getting back to his Viper ways is also good. These are two guys who step up when they need to. The only concern I have for this match will be whatever idiotic stunt Jeff tries to pull. Does Nakamura play into this match at all?

Katie: I’ll admit: I’ve paid zero attention to this feud, and have little interest in this match in spite of the potential offered by a sadistic Randy Orton inside Hell in a Cell. The decision to make this a Hell in a Cell match was a smart one and this single bout will be likely more entertaining than the entire storyline because of it. Hardy will undoubtedly nearly kill himself jumping from the top of the structure, but in the end, I think Orton will pick up the win.

Jack: What in the hell was that botched promo Jeff Hardy delivered to Randy Orton on Smackdown Tuesday? It wasn’t just a matter of him being weird for his character’s sake – he seemed to genuinely lose himself and what he was trying to say.

Regardless, I expect this feud will continue and that will probably mean Orton picks up the victory on Sunday. And yes, I too wouldn’t mind seeing stuntman Hardy make good use of that cell.

Daniel Bryan & Brie Bella Versus the Miz & Maryse

Sandra: One of the matches I am looking forward to is this one, mainly because we get to see Maryse in a match again. I’ve been hoping for her to make a return to the ring and now we are getting it with this mixed tag team match.

The outcome for this match might be straightforward and not in the benefit of Maryse and Miz. I don’t believe Brie will be back for long, since she officially announced her retirement only a few months ago. I think this might be a one off, meaning it could result in a win for Brie and Bryan. Still, part of me hopes Maryse returns to the ring as a full time WWE women’s wrestler. It could certainly shake things up in the women’s division. Maybe a match at Evolution? Yes, please!

Hunter: This is the 2nd in a trilogy, and like Temple of Doom, Ocean’s 12 and Die Hard 2: Die Harder it will be the worst one. Maryse being back in ring shape five months after having a kid is incredible on its own so kudos for that, queen. I’m interested to see how this match ends because it will set-up the finale, which I expect will be a “Career vs. Leave SmackDown” bout.

Katie: Hot take: Brie Bella is the worst wrestler in this match, but she’ll get the pin on Maryse and pick up the win for herself and Daniel Bryan.

The Miz struck first against Bryan at SummerSlam, so it would only make sense for the Danielsons to get the “W” at Hell in a Cell. And because WWE is aggressively pushing all things female ahead of Evolution (and because they just love the Bellas), I think Brie will be the one to win this for her team.

Jack: Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella will win. I don’t know what E! and USA’s filming schedule is for both couples respective reality shows, but you would have to think their cameras would be rolling for this one.

It is also a treat to see Maryse back in action. Hopefully, she becomes a more permanent fixture in the ongoing women’s revolution.

Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre Versus Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose (Raw Tag Team Championship Match)

Sandra: Before I elaborate on this match, let me say how disappointed I am that the Intercontinental Championship will not be defended during this pay-per-view. The Miz worked his butt off to make this title relevant again, yet the Raw Tag Team Championship once takes precedence over the Intercontinental Championship.

As for the tag team championship belts, I believe Dolph and Drew will retain. I do not think it is a bad idea either, I want to see where this goes.

Hunter: Here’s where WWE gives away its hand on finishes, they aren’t going to let Rollins hold two belts. So unless he magically relinquishes the IC title before Sunday, expect Ziglntyre to retain. How this match ends will play a huge role in the how the main event unfolds as well. So expect The Shield to be incapacitated in some way.

Katie: This is going to be a fantastic match, and it’s one of the ones I’m looking forward to most. However, I’m hesitant to pick a winner because it could truly go either way.

A lot of people seem to believe that either The Shield or Strowman/McIntyre/Ziggler will leave Hell in a Cell with all the gold. But while I believe Reigns will retain the Universal Championship, I’m not so sure WWE will have Rollins and Ambrose win, thus making Rollins a double champion again. Then again, we shouldn’t forget that The Revival are owed a Raw Tag Team Championship match after being ambushed by Ziggler and McIntyre. This match isn’t taking place inside Hell in a Cell, so Dash and Dawson could easily interfere and cost Ziggler and McIntyre the belts.

Screw it: The Shield will win and reign supreme.

Jack: Expect an exciting match and for Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre to retain the Raw tag team titles.

Three of the men in this match have been world champions and one – McIntyre – has been seen as a future main eventer. I certainly wouldn’t disagree with that, and it will be interesting to see how long he continues to be paired with Ziggler.

Maybe if The Shield does win, we might see the beginning of the Drew-Dolph split?

The New Day Versus Rusev and Aiden English (SmackDown Tag Team Championship)

Sandra: The New Day are having another attempt at conquering the SmackDown Tag Team Championship belts. If hope Rusev Day gets the titles since Rusev has been needing another championship run. Still, the WWE is always thinking about their current revenue, so the New Day might come out as the real winners.

Hunter: RUSEV DAY FINALLY COMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also Big E and or Kofi turn. Probably not the second part but I can dream, they both deserve a singles run (sorry Xavier you have UUDD that as good as a belt)

Katie: Rusev Day either needs to win a championship or break up, and unfortunately for them I just don’t see the former happening this Sunday. If this were a three- or four-way match, I could see Rusev and English sneaking out a win – but not one-on-one against the almighty New Day. Woods, Kingston, and Big E will retain.

Jack: New Day gets the win. Wait, I didn’t realize this match is happening on Rusev Day.

Expect Rusev and Aiden English to get the win.

What are your predictions? 

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