Former Impact Champion Challenges Neville For A Match?

Neville is officially a free agent, but this does not mean everyone is happy with the possible arrival of the former WWE superstar. Here is the story!

Neville Goes Impact?

Even though most fans believed Neville would show up in New Japan, there is some talk about him joining the Impact Wrestling roster.

There is no denying Neville is a major wrestling star, so no matter which roster he will end up on, he will undoubtedly become the main attraction. Of course, this seems to get on the nerves of certain Impact wrestlers.

Moose Goes Hunting


On September 7, 2018, a fan tweeted to Austin Aries that Neville might be coming for him. Considering the fact that these two had some great matches in WWE, the transition would be an evident one. But former IMPACT Grand Champion Moose seems to have little respect for The Man That Gravity Forgot.

As you can see from the tweet, Moose left two rather unpleasant emojis in the direction of Neville. So, it seems Moose is less than impressed by the prospect of a Neville appearance.

Could this be a sign of a future feud?

Where Should Neville Go?

Call me crazy, but there is one place other than Impact where I would like to see Neville. Call me selfish, but I think the aerial antics of Neville are best suited for the Lucha Underground roster.

Lucha Underground is filled with drama and a fantastic number of fantastic wrestlers who put on an outstanding show with each episode. Some wrestlers on the roster also make appearances on Impact and other indie shows, so it does not exactly tie them down.

While I am not sure where Neville will end up, I am quite certain that Neville should maintain his heel persona. Heel Neville was a million times better than face Neville. I can only imagine what he could do as a heel in the indies. I’m thinking dream matches with the likes of Kenny Omega and Austin Aries. Maybe leaving the WWE was the best thing to ever happen to Neville?

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