Brock Lesnar Is Back! Why Vince? Why?!

When I thought we were shot of Brock Lesnar, the WWE shoots itself in the foot again with a return for the beast at Hell in a Cell. The main event meant something again, yet Vince has chosen to put Brock back in the thick of things. Ugh…

When Did Brock Show Up?

Brock Lesnar made one of his rare appearances during the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view, which took place in San Antonio, Texas.

The match between Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman was set to be an amazing one, with Mick Foley as the special referee. Instead, we got a flashback to Lesnar’s WWE Universal Championship reign, with Lesnar being back in the title picture. I want to say, whoever thought this was a good idea needs a psychological evaluation.

How Did It Affect Hell in a Cell?

Up until Brock’s arrival, I was enjoying Hell in a Cell. Even though there was a distinct lack of cell matches, in my opinion, I loved every minute of it until Brock’s arrival.

Brock has been one of the worst champions. The last thing I want is a repeat of that. We all know Vince loves a big guy, but this is taking on ridiculous proportions.

The only reason Brock gets cheers at all is because of the casual fans; these are fans who do not follow wrestling religiously but turn up to the events every now and again. They see a big guy and get all excited, while die-hard wrestling fans are dying a little more inside.

With Lesnar’s return, I am sure we will get one or two appearances from him until the next pay-per-view, where he will try to recapture the title. I can say this in all honesty, if he takes it again, I am 100% done with the WWE. I rather spend my money on New Japan or Lucha Underground. Yes, Lesnar is not the only attraction in the WWE, but the main event sets the tone.

Is Brock Still Returning to the UFC?

Lesnar goes where the money is, so he will return to the UFC. Dana White earns a good penny on Lesnar, so he is always willing to fork out big to get the Beast in the Octagon again.

SEScoops mentioned that the current storyline with Brock Lesnar has been in place for months; this with the intend of getting a triple threat with Braun Strowman, Roman Reigns, and Lesnar at Saudi Arabia. The event is set for November, so if this is accurate, we have several months of Lesnar on our plate. Fortunately for us, Brock Lesnar has a tendency not to show up much.

There is a problem with the return though, it means that the WWE Universal Championship means little once again. The man brings the prestige of the title down, so if the WWE had any sense, they would stop this stupid storyline immediately.

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