AJ Style’s Next Challenger May Be From RAW

Even though AJ Styles is currently embroiled in a feud with Samoa Joe, there could be another WWE wrestler who is eyeing up the SmackDown WWE Championship!

Bobby Returns

Bobby Lashley has not had success with the WWE Universe since his return. While he does get some cheers, the hype Lashley experienced in Impact Wrestling is not translating to the WWE. Still, after a ten-year absence, it is no surprise the WWE Universe has to warm up to him again.

“Flipping the Switch”

According to British newspaper The SunLashley has his eyes on the WWE title belt, currently hanging firmly around the waist of “The Phenomenal One” AJ Styles. During an interview, Lashley discussed his time with Styles at Impact and even hinted at a future feud with the WWE champion.

“The thing with AJ is…a crazed good guy needs a crazed bad guy. When I flip that switch and you see that bad side of me like I had in TNA, I believe I’m a perfect person to AJ’s good.”

A Fantastic Feud!

Just reading that one line from Lashley’s interview got me so excited for this potential match. Of course, it is a little tricky at the moment, because Lashley is on a different brand. If there is a superstar shakeup in the works, it cannot come soon enough!

Lashley and AJ have worked together before, so there is no doubt in my mind they can create something new for the WWE Universe. I do not believe Lashley has been able to display his full potential yet in the WWE. No offense to Roman, but he is not exactly the best superstar to be pitted against to showcase your abilities.

One thing does seem to be different with Bobby Lashley lately, more specifically the arrival of Lio Rush as his manager. Rush is talented on the mic and in the ring, so he could contribute to Lashley getting over on the Monday Night RAW brand.

Even though Lashley is a talented guy, I do not doubt that the excessive amount of beefcakes on RAW has something to do with Lashley’s troubles. There are just too many big guys on the brand. So, making Lashley a heel and putting him on SmackDown Live could be the best thing for him. A feud and pay-per-view match between him and Styles is something I would watch.

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