WWE Hall Of Famer In Deep Legal Trouble

One of the most popular Divas from the 90’s has fallen on hard times. Sunny, real name Tammy Sytch, has been left with a slew of legal troubles in the past couple of years. It does not seem like that is going to change either, as she is called before the judge again after a six-month prison sentence.

Contempt and a Fugitive of Justice

When her parole was revoked in August 2017, Sunny went on the run from the police. She had spent six months on the run, until she eventually was caught and faced charges of contempt and being a fugitive of Justice in February 2018.

Sunny has spent the last six months in jail and must now appear before Judge Joseph T. Matika in Pennsylvania. The hearing is currently set for August 23, 2018.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time Sunny has been in trouble with the law. She spent some time in jail back in 2012; this after being arrested five different times over the short time of four weeks.

She Could Still Face a Lengthy Prison Sentence

One of the most recognizable Divas of the 90’s could still face a lengthy prison sentence. Sunny’s problems seem to be stemming from driving under the influence allegations. The sentence could be as much as five years.

She has tried to get her life back on track in the past; this after taking the WWE up on their rehab offer. However, it seems Sunny has fallen back into her old habits. I hope she gets the help she needs. Even if she does get a prison sentence, maybe this experience can help her get her life back on track?

Who Is Sunny?

If you are not familiar with Sunny, here is a lowdown of what you need to know.

At the start of her career, Sunny worked for the WWE alongside her then-boyfriend Chris Candido. She worked in the WWE for three years, only to switch to ECW in 1998. Since her switch, she has made some appearances in the indies and the WWE. She has also been quite vocal over the years, calling current female wrestlers such as Bailey and Candice LeRae ugly.

Sunny was an incredibly popular Diva in the 90’s. In fact, AOL stated she was the most downloaded celebrity on the internet in 1998, which certainly catapulted her to fame.

After a career as a WWE in-ring personality and the manager of the Road Warriors, Sunny was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2011.

After her career in the WWE, Sunny went to adult entertainment to make a living, but it has not gone well for her since then. Sunny has struggled with substance abuse and has tried to get her life back on track over the years. Unfortunately, it seems she may need a little more help to do that.

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