The Weird World of Jack Gallagher

Jack Gallagher is one of those wrestlers that has more to him than meets the eye. To prove our point, we are about to delight you with some of the most amazing facts about Gentleman Jack Gallagher! Are you ready? Let’s go!

1. He Has Fought MMA

Yes, you’ve read it right. Gentleman Jack has a background in mixed martial arts. He was good at it too. I’ve watched some of his matches and the man is positively vicious in the octagon. Watch out, Lesnar! Honestly, I wouldn’t mess with the man.

2. Jack Has Always Been a Part of His Ring Name

Jack Gallagher, real name Oliver Westfield Claffey (how British!), had a number of wrestling names over the years. His current name is Gentleman Jack Gallagher, but before that, he was known as Jack Anthony and Jack Toxic. He does seem to love the name Jack!

3. He Has an Extensive Indie Background

Gallagher spent a whopping ten years on the indie circuit before he was recruited for the WWE’s cruiserweight division. He made his professional wrestling debut on November 4, 2006, at Futureshock #11. During his debut match, he defeated El Ligero, Charity Faith, and Jamal Lewis alongside Alex Cyanide, Danny Hope, and Kris Travis.

4. He’s Thrown Some Serious Shade at CM Punk

Jack Gallagher and CM Punk may not be the best of friends, especially when he threw some shade in his direction when Dana White was in the process of setting up Punk’s second UFC fight. When it was revealed Punk did not have an opponent for his second fight, Gallagher mentioned he had “two minutes to spare”. Auwtch!

5. He’s Married to Clara Sinclare


Gallagher has been officially off the market since 2017 when he married independent wrestler Clare Sinclare, also known under her ring name Alexis Rose. There adorable! Exactly the kind of people I’d invite to my themed Halloween party. You’re always welcome guys!

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