The Shock Ending To The SmackDown Women’s Title Match

One of the biggest ‘question mark’ matches of SummerSlam was for the SmackDown Women’s Title. Was Carmella gonna retain via shenanigans? Would Charlotte regain her crown? Is it finally Beck’s time? Expectations were mixed, but this match delivered. It started as a back-and-forth but then it started firing up, and every woman looked impressive. Carmella looked good and clearly heard all the criticisms of her refusing to wrestle or ‘take a bump.”


Becky tried her hardest! The crowd wanted her to win!



The Queen took advantage of the chaos and pinned her best friend.


Becky wasn’t OK with it. The Lasskicker SNAPPED!


The crowd exploded. They were ready for Becky to finally stand up for herself. Several people feel Charlotte kept cutting and line and stealing Becky’s spot. The Lasskicker was tired of it. Frankly, I don’t blame her. You gotta stand up for yourself and your interests in the wrestling ring! But is Becky the ‘heel’? Is that even a dynamic that exists anymore? The crowd went bananas for Becky’s ‘turn.’ Is she the under-appreciated anti-hero the women’s division desperately needs? We will find out!

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