SummerSlam 2018: Predictions Carmella Versus Becky Lynch Versus Charlotte

After months of being in the background, Becky Lynch finally gets another title shot. Of course, things can never go smoothly for the Irish Lasskicker, as friend Charlotte has also been added to the match at SummerSlam. So, what impact will this have on Becky potentially winning the title?


Although WWE added Charlotte to the match, I believe the Princess of Staten Island will retain her title and continue her reign. However, I also think the match will have repercussions for both Charlotte and Becky, giving them a brilliant rivalry for the next couple of months.

I think the WWE is planning to let Charlotte and Becky have an epic rivalry, which will stem from this match. It could even mean a heel turn for Becky, lighting a new fire under her career.

Of course, there could be another avenue. The WWE could be planning to put the IIconics in the match, making them interfere. In turn, it could lead to a rivalry between Becky and Charlotte and the IIconics.

In my perfect world of wrestling dreams, the rivalry could set off a women’s tag team division. Wishful thinking perhaps, but maybe the WWE is taking women’s wrestling a lot more seriously. So, why not let this happen?


I have enjoyed Carmella’s reign and wish it to continue. However, I think it may be time to give Becky a shot. That’s all wishful thinking. Charlotte is winning the title. She is on a collision course with Ronda Rousey for WrestleMania next year. Becky turns heel and begins a feud with her ex-best-friend.


The story of this match will be how Becky Lynch and Charlotte navigate their friendship vs. their desire to be champion. And while I’m sure Carmella will take advantage of the discord between Lynch and Charlotte, I have a good feeling that Lynch will pull out the victory and become a two-time SmackDown Women’s Champion.

In my opinion, Carmella’s time with the title has run its course. As for Charlotte, she hardly needs another title run right now. No one would benefit more from a win here than Lynch, and I sincerely hope WWE gives it to her.


While I would like to see Becky Lynch win, and have enjoyed seeing her back in the title picture, I agree with Sandra that this will be more about establishing a feud between Charlotte and Becky (also good for Lynch) than anything else. I would expect Carmella to win based on that alone.

However, what’s a better way to establish a Lynch-Flair rivalry than to have Charlotte chase Becky for the gold? There’s still plenty of time for Charlotte to win the title for a Rousey match-up at WrestleMania if that’s the direction creative wants to go in.

I’m going to go with a Becky Lynch victory. It would be one of the most memorable and feel-good moments of the night.

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