The Shield Reunites, Shocking Braun Strowman & WWE Universe

The Shield Reunites Shocking Braun Strowman & WWE Universe

I predicted an eventual Shield reunion during my post-SummerSlam piece yesterday, but I never would have thought it would happen so soon. While most of the WWE Universe expected a Money in the Bank (MITB) cash-in by Braun Strowman on the first RAW after the big event, many also thought they’d see the Monster Among Men walk out Universal Champion.

And, most would have been wrong.

The Shield reuniting and battling against a looming Monster with a contract to cash in for that Universal Championship creates an interesting dynamic. First off, Roman alone trying to keep Strowman at bay not only creates booing for Reigns and cheering for Braun, it also is unrealistic. One match where Strowman got sidetracked (SummerSlam) is one thing, but it would be hard to create scenarios like the SummerSlam main event over and over again; Roman Reigns’ Universal Championship reign seemed like a ticking timebomb.

Enter, the Shield reunion: not only does battling the Braun beast seem plausible, but Roman no longer gets booed, thanks to his friends Rollins and Ambrose.

While there is no babyface or heel in the circumstance (yet), I applaud WWE Creative around this idea to keep the momentum going for Roman Reigns when it comes to the WWE Universe and their acceptance of The Big Dog. No doubt about it, Roman does have fans, yet sadly, he also has very loud haters. He was cheered all the way to SummerSlam, but once he won that Universal Championship, especially with a possibility that Braun Strowman could cash in contract to walk out of the event as Universal Champion, the tides changed by the end of SummerSlam’s match, and even the beginning of Monday Night RAW, where the Big Dog got slammed with boos and jeers, despite offering fan favorite Finn Balor a title shot on his very first night as champion. In fact, most high-level champions don’t defend their titles right after a huge pay-per-view, and the fact that Roman was doing so, with a superstar that does deserve to be in the title race picture, and is well over with the fans, was huge. Having said that, the Brooklyn fans still gave Roman and unwelcoming response when he entered the main event.

Which all changed when The Shield’s music hit, with Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins dressed up in the faction’s old gear, and the crowd went wild.

This storyline will entertain for a multitude of reasons. You have the chase of Braun Strowman, a man who could easily cash in his MITB briefcase for the win, but will now struggle with it (and the set up in itself is entertaining); The Shield faction together, with the Hounds of Justice ensuring everything is kept Zen for Roman and his Universal Championship will offer some amazing spots moving forward on RAW; and the fans finally get the bonefide Shield reunion they have been waiting for – one that failed last fall – with a potential opportunity for one of them to turn heel, later down the road (I’m looking at you, Dean Ambrose).

Yes, the Shield reunion last night reminded me of why I love the wrestling. The surprises you aren’t expecting. The ones you long for, the ones you hope for.

The next couple of weeks should offer solid entertainment on Monday Night RAW as we watch a chapter in Braun Strowman and The Shield’s stories unravel.

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