How Tyler Breeze Got His Character

Being one half of the tag team Breezango, Tyler Breeze has provided us with some good matches and lots of laughs. Even though we are quite familiar with Tyler Breeze already, there might be some things you do not know about this wrestler yet. So, here are five facts about Tyler Breeze you must know!

1. He’s Married to Audrey Marie

Tyler Breeze married Audrey Marie in 2016. Audrey is also a professional wrestler, which may be remembered by some from her stint in NXT. Unfortunately, Audrey did not make it to the main roster and was released from the company. Since her release, she has been working the independent circuit.

2. He Lost His Debut Match Against Rusev

BREMEN, GERMANY – FEBRUARY 10: Rusev during WWE Germany Live Bremen – Road To Wrestlemania at OVB-Arena on February 10, 2016, in Bremen, Germany. (Photo by Joachim Sielski/Bongarts/Getty Images)

Breeze started his WWE career in FCW, the WWE’s developmental brand before NXT. Breeze made his debut as Mike Dalton on FCW on the 17th of November 2011, where he competed against Rusev. Unfortunately, he lost his debut match.

3. Xavier Woods Saved His Career

Without Xavier Woods, Tyler Breeze might have been released by the WWE. During his time in developmental, WWE Creative told him to change his character, or else he would be fired.

Xavier Woods came to Breeze’s rescue by helping him create a new character with his video software. Breeze would eventually end up with the Tyler Breeze character, which was happily received by WWE Creative.

“I ended up getting a couple emails back saying, ‘You might have something with this Tyler Breeze thing.’ None of it would have happened if [Xavier Woods] hadn’t made these videos. And he’s done a lot for other people down here too”.

4. Tyler Sings His Theme Song

Not all wrestlers are involved in the creation of their theme song, but Tyler Breeze is! In fact, he is the one who sings the theme song. So, next time you hear Tyler’s entrance, you’ll not doubt in your mind he is the one who sings it.

5. Roman Reigns Was His Tag Team Partner

Before the arrival of NXT, not many people were aware of the WWE’s developmental brand Florida Championship Wrestling. When you do look into the history of this developmental brand, you can find some gems you would never think possible.

One we uncovered about Florida Championship Wrestling is that Tyler Breeze was the FCW tag team champion and his partner was none other than Roman Reigns! How funny is that!

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