Could The Bellas Return To The WWE Fulltime?

The Bella Twins made a surprise appearance at this year’s SummerSlam. While their appearance seemed to be in support of Ronda Rousey as the new Raw Women’s Champion, many believe the twins had ulterior motives.

With the Bella Twins being hotter than ever on E! Network, a return to wrestling could be in the cards, especially if they want to keep things interesting for Total Divas and Total Bellas.

Not That Warm Of A Reception

While many believed the Bellas would receive a warm reception at SummerSlam, the crowd was surprisingly booing the appearance of the twins. It seemed like the crowd did not appreciate the fact that the Bellas have been focused on reality television instead of wrestling, and it did reflect in their attitude.

A Return To Challenge The Raw Women’s Champion

I believe it is a little odd to have the Bellas at SummerSlam. Yes, they have an amazing track record in the wrestling ring, but we have not seen them in the squared circle for such a long time. So, I, therefore, wonder if the WWE is laying the groundwork for a Bella return.

The WWE could do many things with the Bella Twins on the current roster, but one of the main things that spring to mind is challenging Ronda Rousey for the Raw Women’s Championship. Nikki currently holds the record as longest reigning Diva’s champion, a distinction she will hold forever as the Diva’s title no longer exists. So, she would be a sound person to challenge Ronda for the RAW women’s title.

Of course, Nikki has been out for a while, so I have no idea just how ready she is to return to the ring. Based on their recent YouTube channel updates, they seem to be training together still. However, their training seems to be limited to the gym and not the squared circle.

The Miz & Mrs. Versus The Bryan Family!

Another possible angle for the Bellas involves Brie, who appeared alongside her husband Daniel Bryan during Summerslam as well. Since Maryse interfered in the match between Bryan and her husband the Miz, Brie could be looking for some revenge.

Update, it looks like the match is on!

The prospect of a mixed tag team match with Bryan, Brie, Maryse, and the Miz is something that excites me, providing it is handled in the right way. I expect a match lasting longer than five minutes, something the WWE has repeatedly done during Summerslam. Short matches do nothing for the superstars involved, so I hope if this happens they do it well.

Finally, Brie could also have a rivalry with Maryse if she wanted too. However, since Maryse had her daughter Monroe Sky not too long ago, she probably is not ready to make that return to the ring. So, the plans above might not be in the cards just yet.

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