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When you want to have a decent party, there is only one person to look out for in the WWE, and that is No Way Jose.

To celebrate the happy miracle that is No Way Jose, we have created an overview of five facts you must know about him.

1. He Was Born in the Dominican Republic

No Way Jose is performing in one of the world’s most significant wrestling promotions in the United States. However, he was not born in the United States but Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Santo Domingo is the largest city in the Dominican Republic and also one of the largest cities in the Caribbean. The town is a favorite tourist hot spot as well as a cultural hub for the Caribbean.

2. He Debuted As Manny Garcia

No Way Jose made his first wrestling appearance in 2013. He wrestled for a promotion called CWF Mid-Atlantic, where his name was Manny Garcia.

Unlike other indie wrestlers, No Way Jose found the WWE quickly. Only two years after signing with CWF Mid-Atlantic did he end up on the WWE’s developmental brand.

3. He Is Trained by Trevor Lee

Major wrestling superstars train a lot of wrestlers. It is no different for No Way Jose since he is taught by Trevor Lee.

Trevor Lee is one of the biggest Impact Wrestling superstars He is a three-time Impact X Division Champion and a one-time Impact Wrestling Tag Team Champion.

The exciting thing about Trevor Lee is that he had some exciting trainers himself: Matt and Jeff Hardy. So, I have no doubt some of those lessons have been received by No Way Jose too.

4. He Made His Video Game Debut in 2K18

No Way Jose appears in one of the WWE wrestling games. He made his first appearance in the 2K18 version and is expected to have a role in the future versions too. Let’s face it; he does have the fun entrance we all want to play with as wrestlers in a 2K game.

5. He Won Multiple Championship in the Indies

Even though No Way Jose has not won any major titles in the WWE yet, he has won several in the indies. He is a two-time CWF Mid-Atlantic Champion, a one-time FSPW South Eastern Champion. He also won the Progress World Championship in NXT.

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