You’ll Be Shocked At Mojo Rawley’s Intelligence

The WWE sees promise in Mojo Rawley, so it is no surprise he has received some pushes since his arrival in the promotion. Since Mojo Rawley could become a breakout star, let us delight you with five facts about this WWE wrestler.

1. He Used to Be a Football Player

You only have to look at Mojo’s entrance for two seconds to realize he used to be a football player. It is not uncommon for WWE superstars to have a football background though, look at Roman Reigns and Baron Corbin.

Mojo started playing college football at Christopher Newport University. During his college football career, he received a scholarship for the University of Maryland and the Atlantic Coast Conference.

Rawley booked great successes in college and at University. He spent three years at the University of Maryland, where he also won the Jim and Pat Thacker Postgraduate Scholarship. He also made the Dean’s list three times and was a member of the President’s Leadership Program, the Honors Program, and the Student Executive Board.

2. He Has Quite the Interesting Background

Mojo Rawley’s real name is Dean Muthtadi. He was born in Alexandria, Virginia and has a mixed background. His parents are respectively Syrian and Palestinian, which eventually led to Rawley learning Arabic.

3. He Was an Exceptional Student

Mojo was an exceptional student. It all started at the T.C. Williams High School in Alexandria, where he played on the football team. Being an athlete at the high school, he maintained the highest GPA during his four years playing for the team. As if that wasn’t impressive enough, he was also involved in numerous extra-curricular activities.

The impressiveness continues though! When he was in the seventh grade, he was the youngest person ever to be accepted into the MBA program of the Maryland University. He also did an internship at Morgan Stanley, a financial services firm. How impressive is that!

4. He Played in the NFL!

We already mentioned Mojo’s impressive football background, but things did not stop at the University of Maryland! Mojo would be picked up by the Green Bay Packers as a free agent. The Arizona Cardinals signed him, where he got the nickname “the Iron Sheikh.”

Unfortunately, things went wrong for Rawley, even though he was one of the most impressive athletes to be recruited by the NFL. During a training camp, Rawley suffered a career-ending injury, which would leave him out as a reserve. Fortunately for us, Rawley would sign with the WWE after his recovery.

5. He Never Hit the Indies

There is a select number of wrestlers who never wrestled in the indies; for example, Baron Corbin. However, Mojo Rawley is also one of these wrestlers, since the WWE recruited him in the NFL.

One of the things that stood out about Mojo during his training was his fantastic energy; this energy is also noticeable by looking at his main roster character. I am a big fan of Mojo myself, so I’m quite surprised he never hit off with the crowds as much. Hopefully, this will change in the future.

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