Where Did The Goldust Character Come From?

Goldust is one of the WWE’s longest-serving veterans. Even though he has taken a break from the WWE at several points, he has always returned and has followed in the footsteps of his famous father, Dusty Rhodes.

Despite his veteran status, the WWE Universe does not know everything about this fantastic wrestler. So, we compiled a list with the five facts you must know about Goldust. Read on to find out more!

1. His WWF (WWE) Debut Was a Lot Earlier Than 1995!

Most people believe that Goldust made his WWE (then WWF) debut in 1995, but he was featured on the promotion much earlier than that. Between 1990 and 1991, Goldust (as “The Natural” Dustin Rhodes) was part of a tag team match, which also involved his dad, Dusty Rhodes.

After the tag team match with his dad at the 1991 Royal Rumble, Goldust left the promotion. However, he would return in 1995 and left a lasting impression on the WWE Universe; this is also one of the reasons why most people remember his second debut more.

Let’s face it, Goldust would have been a success in the WWE if he stayed in 1991. However, his father Dusty convinced him to go to WCW. Still, the move did bring out something useful, Dustin Rhodes’ Goldust character.

2. He Did Not Know What Androgynous Was

When Bruce Prichard contacted Goldust back in the day, he told his Vince, and himself had a character for him. They told him they wanted him to do an androgynous character, and being out of work, Goldust was ready to oblige. However, he did not quite know what he just said yes to, since he had no idea what androgynous meant!

3. Goldust Was Sheamus’ Mentor

Even though it is hard to imagine, Sheamus was mentored by Goldust. When Sheamus ended up on ECW in 2009, the WWE asked if Goldust could take care of the Celtic Warrior. Goldust would later say Sheamus was a natural person to work with. He also praised him for his work ethic.

Not long after being mentored by Goldust, Sheamus became a WWE champion. He has enjoyed great successes since he made the switch from ECW, so Goldust certainly worked his magic.

4. Goldust Came Up with the Lingerie Idea

When you think about Goldust, you undoubtedly think about that lingerie segment from 1996. Most people believe the lingerie segment was Vince’s idea, but it was Goldust who came up with it. While it started as a joke between Vince and Dustin, ended up being one of the most shocking yet memorable segments in WWE history.

5. Savio Vega Told Goldust to Play on Homophobia

Goldust is known to push the limits of his characters, but he had never pushed them as hard when he played the homophobia angle. However, he was not the one to come up with the concept, since Savio Vega was the one to tell him to push the envelope and play on homophobia. The pair even played it so good; many fans were questioning Goldust’s sexuality.

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