Lucha Underground Stars You’ve Seen Elsewhere

Lucha Underground is a popular indie promotion for many wrestling fans, myself included! The promotion is a wonderful platform for many wrestlers to make it to the big time, while others find their permanent spot with this television series. Of course, some wrestlers on Lucha Underground you have seen somewhere else, even in the WWE. Not sure which? Check out some of the Lucha Underground wrestlers you may have seen somewhere else!

Rey Mysterio

Rey is probably one of the best-known wrestlers in the entire Lucha Underground series. Mysterio has wrestled for tons of other promotions and had a long stint in the WWE. So, he is undoubtedly one of the most recognizable faces.

Johnny Mundo

Ever wondered why Johnny Mundo looks so familiar? It’s because he is! Johnny Mundo used to be known as John Morrison, who had quite a prominent place in the WWE. He even did a fun rap video with the Miz!

 Prince Puma

Remember when Prince Puma lost his job in Lucha Underground at the end of season 3 during a title versus career match? No need to worry though, because you can still admire Prince Puma these days. However, he is no longer known as Prince Puma, but rather as Ricochet in the WWE’s developmental brand NXT.

Chavo Guerrero Jr.

Another famous face that has appeared on Lucha Underground is Chavo Guerrero Jr. Even though he has struggled to come out of the shadow of his famous uncle Eddie, I do love watching him from time to time.


Dubbed as one of the creepiest Lucha Underground wrestlers by me, I was not surprised to learn that Mariposa has been on numerous other promotions.

In addition to being on Lucha Underground, Mariposa has been in TNA (now Impact Wrestling) and was even named as the number 1 female wrestler in the Top 50 Females List of Pro Wrestling Illustrated in 2013. Honestly, this woman is so talented; I’m so surprised the WWE has not picked her up yet.


Another one of my personal favorites from Lucha Underground and not surprisingly a famous face in the wrestling world. Cage has been in the developmental brand of the WWE but also had a stint in TNA. Cage often switches between Impact Wrestling and Lucha Underground, which certainly keeps things interesting.


The WWE made a huge mistake when they released Ivelisse from their developmental brand. Ivelisse spent some time in NXT and FCW, being one of the most talented people on the roster in my humble opinion. She was even Paige’s tag team partner and rival at one point. However, when she spoke out about depraved training techniques implemented by the WWE, she was released by the company.

Still, the WWE’s loss is Lucha Underground’s gain. After her release, she started working the independent circuit; this includes Impact Wrestling and Lucha Underground. She’s pulled many people to these promotions, so I guess the joke is on the WWE. You go, girl!

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