Get To Know Heath Slater Like Never Before!

One of the funniest WWE superstars is Heath Slater in my opinion, so I am a little sad he does not always get the TV time he deserves. Heath has been around for a while to, so there might be some facts about him that may surprise you. Here are the five facts we think you should know about Heath Slater!

1. He’s Married and Has Kids

The “I Got Kids” gimmick is not just a gimmick, because Heath Slater is indeed married with children. He has been married to his wife Stephanie for a long time and has two kids. Stephanie Miller was Slater’s high school sweetheart. Yes, there is hope for the human race!¬† The pair currently live in Fort Mill, South Carolina.

2. He’s Been Champion Many Times in the WWE

While it is easy to forget, Heath Slater has been incredibly successful in the WWE. From the moment he started on Florida Championship Wrestling, the former developmental brand of the WWE, until he made his debut on the main roster, Slater has captured a number of championships.

During his time in Florida Championship Wrestling, Slater won the FCW Florida Heavyweight Championship, the FCW Southern Heavyweight Championship, and the FCW Florida Tag Team Championship with Joe Hennig. On the main roster, he won the WWE Tag Team Championship three times with Justin Gabriel and the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship with Rhyno.

3. He Was a Member of the Nexus

Many people do not remember, but Heath Slater was actually part of the Nexus, one of the biggest heel wrestling stables in WWE history.

The Nexus made shock-waves in the WWE from 2010 to 2011. It consisted of eight developmental rookies; this includes Heath Slater, Wade Barrett, and even Curtis Axel! One of their most memorable moments was probably their rivalry with John Cena.

Nexus continued until 2011, after which CM Punk was announced as the new leader of the group. The group was then renamed as the New Nexus.

4. He Started His Wrestling Career in NWA Anarchy

Many wrestlers who started around the same time as Heath Slater had a stint in NWA Anarchy before they made it to the WWE. Joining Slater in the promotion was Dash Wilder, NXT star Jaxon Ryker (TNA’s Gunner), Xavier¬†Woods and Roman Reign’s brother Rousey.

5. He Had a Match with Lita in 2012

Slater took part in quite a special match for the 1000th episode of Raw in 2012. During the show, he wanted a “no disqualification and no count-out” match. Things got really interesting though because none other than Lita answered the challenge. Of course, she did bring some protection in the form of the APA.

Lita beat Slater with a moonsault and a twist of fat, as well as a clothesline from hell by Bradshaw somewhere in the middle. God, I would love to see this again!

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