Five Fast Facts About Killian Dain!

Killian Dain is certainly one of the more memorable members of Sanity and the SmackDown Live roster. Let’s discover some unique facts about this WWE wrestler. If you are not yet familiar with Killian Dain, or simply want to learn more about him, be sure to check out our quick facts below.

1. He Played Multiple Sports Before Wrestling

Even though every wrestler is quite athletic, most stick to one or two sports before wrestling at most. This is not the case for Killian Dain, because he did as many as four sports before finally ending up with wrestling.

Killian Dain, real name Damian Mackle, was the goalkeeper for his university football team. He also played rugby, basketball, and judo, so it is safe to say that the man has a genuine appreciation and love for sports.

Mackle claims he was inspired to become a wrestler by watching the Ultimate Warrior and Sting. I must say, the man has impeccable taste.

2. He Has an Impressive Indie Track Record

Mackle has an extremely impressive indie track record, dating all the way back to 2005. He made his professional wrestling debut at the Scottish Wrestling Alliance, aged 20. He wrestled under the name Damian O’Connor.

After the Scottish Wrestling Alliance, Mackle would wrestle for Insane Championship Wrestling (ICW), Evolve Wrestling, Revolution Pro Wrestling, Global Force Wrestling, and Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. Of course, after his stint in TNA, he ended up in the WWE.

3. He’s a Big Soccer Fan

Being a big sports fanatic, it is no surprise Killian Dain is also a big soccer fan. He is a lifelong supporter of Manchester United, a Premier League team. Excellent choice!

Aside from having an interest in the Premier League, Killian Dain also follows the NBA, being a fan of Orlando Magic.

4. He Held Multiple Indie Championships

I already mentioned that Killian Dain has an impressive and extensive indie track record. Of course, this also means he has accumulated some titles and championships over the years. Among his accomplishments, he has won the 3 Count Wrestling Tag Team Championship, Insane Wrestling Heavyweight Championship, SWA Laird of the Ring Championship, and so many other championships it is hard to mention them all here. So, I have a lot of trust in the fact that Killian Dain will make his way through WWE ranks.

5. He Has Gone Through Five In-Ring Names!

Most WWE wrestlers go through several in-ring names before they get their permanent one in the WWE. The same applies to Killian Dain, who has gone through five! There is certainly a theme running through the names, since his previous names include Big Damo, Damian O’Connor, Damo, and Damo O’Connor. Wonder how they came up with Killian Dain?

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