Fandango Wasn’t Always A Dancer: Five Fast Facts

Fandango has been putting on his expert dance moves for a couple of years now and seems to have found his safe haven with tag team partner Tyler Breeze. Still, despite Fandango being around for some time, there are some things fans do not know about him yet. So, here are the five facts you simply must know about Fandango.

1. He Started His Wrestling Career in 1999

Fandango has been wrestling for a long time because his career dates back to 1999. Before he started in the WWE, he wrestled for numerous independent promotions and booked great successes.

At the start of his wrestling career, Fandango worked for many wrestling promotions in New England. During this time, he won the PLW New England Championship, PWF Northeast Tag Team Championship, PWF Northeast Heavyweight Championship, NCW New England Championship, and many more!

2. He Did Not Sign with the WWE Until 2006

Fandango did not sign with the WWE until 2006, so he is one of the superstars who paid his dues in the indies before being spotted by the WWE. In the beginning of his WWE career, he was assigned to the Deep South Wrestling promotion, a developmental brand of the WWE at that time.

In 2008, Fandango was moved to Florida Championship Wrestling, another developmental brand of the WWE. During his time on this development brand, he won the Florida Tag Team Championship several times; with Tyler Reks and Derrick Bateman (EC3). He would make his main roster debut as Fandango in 2013.

3. He Loves Final Fantasy

I’m always surprised to learn when wrestlers have a passion for gaming. AJ Styles and Xavier Woods lead the list, but it seems that Fandango loves gaming as well!

Fandango is a big fan of the Final Fantasy series. Let me tell you, the man has impeccable taste! I’ve played Final Fantasy myself, including the MMORPG version, which I still have on my PlayStation 4.

During an interview, Fandango stated his favorite Final Fantasy release is Final Fantasy XIII. I have to admit, I loved the story of the game and this is also the reason why I finished it. Still, the mechanics could have been better. Sorry, Fandango!

4. He Is a Boston Red Sox Fan

Many wrestlers are major sports fans and Fandango is one of them. Fandango is a big supporter of the Boston Red Sox, a professional baseball team. The club plays in Major League Baseball (MLB) and have won eight out of the twelve World Series Championships they played in.

5. He Has a Unique Tattoo

Fans do not realise that Fandango has some original artwork on his body; this because the wrestler usually covers his tattoos up with his wrestling attire. Fandango has a half sleeve tattoo on his legs, which depict his favorite bands. Unfortunately, we do not get to see them, since he always wears long trousers to the ring.

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