Dear Brock, Please Don’t Show Up On Raw Tonight

Extreme Rules’ biggest pop undoubtedly came with the announcement by Kurt Angle that Brock Lesnar would be stripped of his title if he did not show up on Raw or announce his next title defense. Fans are sick and tired of the Lesnar reign, so the announcement did not come a moment too soon. Still, I do not want Brock to show up and here is why.

Another Dead Wrestling Match?

Remember all the Brock Lesnar matches we’ve had since he obtained the WWE Universal Championship? Well, let’s just say they were far from impressive, so why on God’s green earth should we look forward to another underwhelming Lesnar match?

Lesnar has zero interest in wrestling right now. There has been talk that he has wanted to leave for a while now, but Vince wants to keep him as long as possible, lord knows why.

Dana White wants Lesnar for another “super fight.” I say, let him have Lesnar. Honestly, the biggest title in the WWE realm and is hanging around the waist of a man who barely shows up, has zero interest in the fans who put him there, and has never been punished by the WWE for the use of illegal substances. How is this a good role model for the WWE brand? It might be in the realm of Narnia, but certainly not in the “real” world.

Vince Is Using Brock to Get Roman/Lashley Over!

According to the Wrestling Observer, there is a plan behind all the Lesnar madness. Vince is very much aware of the fans’ dislike for Lesnar, and he is using it to his advantage, at least that is what he believes.

Vince plans to make the WWE Universe so angry and upset with Lesnar; they will stand behind the man who will take the championship belt from him. This man was believed to be Roman Reigns, but after his loss against Lashley, it is possible that Bobby takes the title belt from the Beast.

While it may be a matter of time before Lesnar finally drops the title, I would hate to see him pop up on Monday Night Raw. I have ZERO interest in seeing another Brock Lesnar match. Plus, Extreme Rules was an abysmal pay-per-view with only a few saving graces. So, do we need another main event involving Lesnar and a sleep-worthy match?

My answer to this question is a plain and simple no. What the WWE needs is a champion who puts on exciting matches. I do not care who wears the title at the end of the day; there are plenty of worthy people on the main roster. Seth Rollins, Finn Balor, Braun Strowman, Kevin Owens, and loads more. So, why do you keep that overpaid huckster on the roster? I honestly don’t know.

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