Creepiest Luchadora Ever Returning To TV?

Mariposa is one of the female wrestlers that can give me the creeps but in a good way! It would seem she is going to wrestle for Lucha Underground again, so I could not be happier.

Who Is Mariposa?

Mariposa, a.k.a. Cheerleader Melissa is an American professional wrestler. She wrestled for promotions such as Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (now Impact Wrestling), but also for Pro Wrestling Revolution, Shimmer Women Athletes, and Lucha Underground.

How Do You Know She Is Returning to Lucha Underground?

The news came when Melissa Deadrich (Mariposa) gave an interview to Women’s Pro Wrestling Weekly. During the interview, she confirms she is returning on Lucha Underground, but she also speaks on how different Lucha Underground is from wrestling promotions.

What Is the Difference Between Lucha Underground and Wrestling Promotions such as Impact Wrestling and Lucha Underground?

Lucha Underground is seen by fans around the world as a wrestling promotion, but it is a television show. One of the clear signs that Lucha Underground is a television show is that the wrestling promoter releases its wrestling shows in seasons; this is not the case for other wrestling promoters such as the WWE.

At Lucha Underground, there is always something new and exciting; this is one of the reasons why I love this promotion. I also like it because it is so dramatic. Everything is so over the top, but much better than the WWE could ever do it!

What Does Mariposa’s Return Mean for Lucha Underground?

Oh, the storylines that are possible with Mariposa’s return! They could take her character in so many different directions, but I would be lying if I said I didn’t want more of Mariposa and Marty the Moth.

The storyline with Marty the Moth and Mariposa was one of my favorites from season three. It was so twisted and weird; it seriously creeped me out. So, I would love a continuation of this. Hopefully, we will get it with Mariposa’s return.

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