5 Facts About Rhyno

Rhyno is a wrestling veteran currently signed to the WWE. Aside from being a wrestler, he is also a politician and an actor, so there is more to Rhyno than first meets the eye.

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1. He Had a Tough Childhood

Rhyno did not have the easiest childhood. He grew up in Detroit and lost his father at the age of only 14. His mother struggled to keep the family afloat and worked three jobs to keep Rhyno and his two brothers supported.

Of course, Rhyno has some fond memories of his childhood too. During the weekends, he and his brothers would spend the weekend at his grandparents. A visit would also include some delicious Italian meals and watching wrestling on television.

2. He Started His Career in the Canadian Indies

Rhyno’s career spans over more than two decades. He started his hardcore wrestling career in the Canadian indie circuit in 1994. During his time there, he met other wrestlers who would eventually become WWE legends; this included Edge and Christian!

3. He Ran for Office

While it is a little difficult to imagine, Rhyno ran for office in 2016. He hoped to obtain a seat in the House of Representatives for the state of Michigan. Unfortunately, he lost the election.

When asked about his passion for politics, Rhyno said it all started with seeking better funding for the 15th district. He is also passionate about giving teachers more freedom to do their duties in the classroom. I have to be honest, I cannot agree more.

4. Very Little Is Known About Rhyno’s Married Life

Getting information about Rhyno’s personal life outside of wrestling is like pulling teeth. It seems the wrestler successfully kept his private life a guarded secret, although there are a few minor details I can disclose.

Even though details are scarce, Rhyno married a woman called Mirja in 1997. It is also believed that Rhyno was released from the WWE after a verbal exchange with his wife backstage in 2005. Rhyno filed for divorce shortly afterward and would often refer to a “custody battle”. So, as it stands now, Rhyno is divorced and has one child. There is not much information about his personal life otherwise.

5. He Was the First to Win the SmackDown Tag Team Championships

When SmackDown announced the creation of the SmackDown Tag Team Championships, many tag teams wanted to obtain the titles for the first time. Many tried, but the honor went to Rhyno and Heath Slater.

Since winning the SmackDown Tag Team Championships, Rhyno and Heath Slater have disappeared to the background. Still, I love their tag team and I hope we will get a little more Rhyno and Heath in the future.

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