5 Facts About Matt Hardy

I couldn’t be happier about Matt Hardy’s return to the WWE roster. Despite his troubles in the past, Matt Hardy has worked hard and finally returned to his home in the WWE. While it is safe to say we know a lot about Matt Hardy already, there are some facts even die-hard Matt Hardy fans are not aware of yet. So, without much further ado, here is our overview of lesser-known Matt Hardy facts.

1. His Father Was a Tobacco Farmer

Matt worked extremely hard for everything he has now. Both Matt and Jeff grew up in rural North Carolina, more specifically in a small town called Cameron. Their father, Gilbert Hardy, was a tobacco farmer, which meant the boys spent a lot of time in their childhood working.

Losing their mum at a very young age, Matt and Jeff were mainly raised by their father. When they had a little time to themselves, they would spend some time in the woods surrounding the farm.

2. He Felt the Wrath of the Deadman

One of the wrestlers you do not want to mess with is the Undertaker. Unfortunately, Hardy drew the anger of the Undertaker because he used one of the Undertaker’s moves during a match.

The incident happened during a live show. During a match, he executed his well-known top rope leg drop, but then placed the hands of his opponent in a prayer position, a move commonly used by the Undertaker. When he got backstage, the Deadman said he could never use that hand gesture again. Gulp!

3. His Mum Died When He Was Only 12

Matt and Jeff lost their mum at a very young age. Their mum, Ruby Moore, was diagnosed with cancer when her sons were only 12 and 9. Just one year after her diagnosis, Ruby passed away with both her sons by her side.

Jeff and Matt’s mum was quite athletic and a beautiful person. She was also a championship bowler, so the Hardy’s often say they got their athleticism from their mum.

4. Matt Is an Experienced Costume Designer

When you want to make a name in the wrestling world, you need to be able to do more than just wrestling alone; this is something Matt understood quite early on. The versatility of Matt’s skills could especially be seen in their wrestling promotion, which was called OMEGA.

During their time in OMEGA, Matt and Jeff Hardy were responsible for the assembly and disassembly of the wrestling ring; this for each promotion and event they had. However, Hardy had to take it one step further than that, since he designed and sewed all the costumes for their promotion as well. I wonder if he created his “woken” costume too?

5. He Was an Outstanding High School Student

Matt Hardy was an outstanding student in high school, which could have taken him in a completely different direction than wrestling. During his time in high school, he was nominated for the Morehead Award, one of the best scholarships in the state of North Carolina. Even though he did not win the scholarship, he had to pick when it came to prestigious schools. However, he ended up choosing wrestling instead.

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