5 Facts About Curtis Axel

Curtis Axel has been in the WWE for quite some time. He is an exciting character, to say the least! Despite being the son of the iconic wrestler Mr. Perfect, Axel has paved his own way through the world of professional wrestling. Still, there are some things fans do not know about Curtis Axel, so be sure to read the quick facts below!

1. Curtis Axel’s Wrestling Name Has Special Meaning

The wrestling name Curtis Axel is a combination of his father’s and his grandfather’s name. His grandfather’s wrestling name was Larry ‘The Axe’ Hennig; this is where he got the name ‘Axel’ from. The name Curtis on the other hand is obtained from his father, Curt Hennig, who was none other than Mr. Perfect.

2. He’s a Big Fantasy Football Player

You have to fill those hours on the road somehow, and for Curtis Axel filling those hours means playing Fantasy Football.

According to people close to the wrestler, he takes Fantasy Football almost as serious as his professional wrestling career. He even won the WWE Magazine Fantasy Football League in 2011, so he is not just an average player. If you need some decent picks for Fantasy Football, Curtis Axel would be the person to ask.

3. He Has Quite the History with Brock Lesnar

Many people do not realise the impact Curtis Axel had on the career of the biggest WWE superstars. Firstly, Curtis Axel was the person to bring the Rock back to the WWE (more on that later). He was also the person to help train Brock Lesnar for his match against Triple H at WrestleMania 29.

Still, the relationship between Curtis Axel and Brock Lesnar seems to go further than training for WrestleMania 29. Axel also has a son, who he named Brock. So, it would seem both parties left quite the impression on one another.

4. He Was the Rock’s Training Partner

Curtis Axel did not only contribute to the return of the Rock to the WWE, but he was also the Rock’s training partner. In fact, the Rock and Curtis Axel would be training partners for the majority of the Rock’s final WWE stint; this during the time where the Rock beat CM Punk for the WWE Championship.

5. He Keeps His Personal Life Extremely Private

Little is known about Curtis Axel’s personal life since he likes to keep things as private as possible. What is known about his personal life is that Curtis Axel, real name Joe Hennig, has been married to Brooke Hennig since 2000. He has three children, one of them a boy named Brock.

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