5 Facts About Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar has an extensive WWE career, so there is much we already know about him. However, there are some facts about Brock Lesnar you might have missed, so we lined up some of the lesser known Lesnar facts. So, if you want to learn more about Lesnar, be sure to read the information below.

1. The Big Sword Tattoo Has Special Meaning

The Beast has many impressive tattoos, including the demonic skull on his back. However, the tattoo that probably has the most meaning for Lesnar is the sword tattoo.

Lesnar apparently got his sword tattoo at the end of his first run in the WWE. Brock suffered from a serious injury at the time, struggling with both an alcohol and a painkiller addiction. In his book, Lesnar wrote like there was a sword at his throat; this explains the prolific sword tattoo on his chest.

2. He Wasn’t That Liked By Fellow MMA Fighters

Any MMA fighter will tell you that it takes a lot to make your way to Dana White’s UFC promotion. However, Brock Lesnar had a route that was arguably easier, and it upset many MMA fighters at the time.

Naturally, having Brock Lesnar at the top of the promotion made sense for a businessman such as Dana White. Lesnar holds the record for 1.6 million in viewership for UFC 100. No wonder Dana is looking to acquire Lesnar once again.

3. He Has Quite the History with Shelton Benjamin

Lesnar and Shelton Benjamin have known each other far before their stints in the WWE. Both Lesnar and Benjamin attended the University of Minnesota to wrestle and they were even roommates during their time there. The United States may be a big country, but it certainly seems like a small world!

4. He Doesn’t Let a Few Broken Bones Get in His Way

I might not like him as the WWE Universal Champion, but there is no doubt in my mind that Lesnar is one tough cookie. Proof of that lies in 2004, where Lesnar got into a motorcycle accident.

The accident caused Lesnar some serious injuries, including a broken jaw, fractured hand, pulled groin, and even tissue damage in the abdomen. At the time, Lesnar was trying out for the NFL. He refused to drop the tryout and wanted to continue with all his broken bones. Still, the NFL stopped him and told him to get better first. Impressive.

5. He Had a Serious Brush with Death

Being a wrestler and an MMA fighter is dangerous at best, but Lesnar nearly died because of a gastrointestinal disease. In 2009, he nearly died due to diverticulitis, a disease where the large intestine becomes inflamed or infected. On top of that, he also got mono, making things even worse.

Doctors had a hard time diagnosing Lesnar, which eventually led to 12 inches of his colon being taken out in 2011. Still, Brock managed to get the disease under control with a simple diet change. That being said, flare-ups are not uncommon with diverticulitis, so he’s probably on a changed diet for life.

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