5 Facts About Big Show

Big Show is one of the WWE’s best veterans, with a career going all the way back to the WCW days. He met Hulk Hogan in 1995 and got a contract with WCW in February of 1995. Even though we know loads about Big Show already, there might be some things about The World’s Largest Athlete you do not know yet. So, we went looking for some interesting Paul Wight facts, which we have lined up for you below!

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1. He Was an Outstanding Basketball Player

Being quite tall can be beneficial for many sports, especially basketball. Therefore, it is not out of the ordinary that Big Show was an outstanding basketball player in his teen years.

Big Show played basketball while he was in high school, junior college, and university. His average in high school was more than 32 points, with a whopping 20 rebounds and 11 blocks average per game. So, if Big Show did not end up in the WWE, he might have been a pro basketball player.

2. He’s Appeared in Dozens of Television Shows

Big Show has been a permanent feature in the WWE wrestling ring for years, but this does not mean he has not done anything else. In fact, Big Show has appeared in dozens of television shows; this includes Saturday Night Live, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Psych, and even Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader!

3. He Won the Slime Wrestling World Championship

Once I found this fact, I had to read it a couple of times to make sure I was reading it right. Yes, Big Show is an 11-time tag team champion, ECW world heavyweight champion, WWE champion, and much more. Yet, the Slime Wrestling World Championship sounds so intriguing.

The Slime Wrestling World Championship is an invention of Nickelodeon, because who else right? Well, in 2012, Big Show took the prestigious title of Slime Champion by beating none other than the Miz. Hilarious!

4. He Had a Wrestling Feud with Loch Ness

Another fun Big Show fact I had to read twice. Over the years, Big Show had many interesting rivalries. However, the funniest one probably was a match in WCW, where he faced a wrestler called – yes you’ve guessed it – Loch Ness. Honestly, I got nothing else to add to that.

5. He Had Many In-Ring Names

It is not uncommon for wrestlers to have various in-ring names until they find the one they stick with; this has been the case for Big Show, since he has wrestled under many different names before he chose Big Show as his permanent in-ring name.

One of the names Big Show had before he was known as Big Show was the Giant – Andre may have wanted a word about that. Still, he could not keep the name as it clearly blurs the lines with Andre The Giant. When he made his switch to the WWE, they changed his name to Big Nasty Paul Wight. Of course, Paul Wight is his real name, so a little more imagination was necessary. Fortunately for us, the name Big Show stuck a couple of weeks later.

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