When The Ring Breaks – Seth Rollins Makes The Most Of A Bad Situation

Despite being a billion-dollar company, WWE still has screw-ups and equipment malfunctions. This was proven once again when an unfortunate rope break occurred during a tag team match involving Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Dolph Ziggler, and Drew McIntyre.

What Happened?


WWE fans in Anaheim got more than they asked for when attending a WWE event. During the match, Seth Rollins threw Drew McIntyre into the ropes, only for the top rope to fail and Drew being thrown outside of the ring.


Even though the match continued with lots of improvisation at the hands of Seth Rollins, it shows us once again that anything can happen in wrestling. From a rope break to Titus O’Neil falling underneath the ring at the Royal Rumble.

The Best WWE Botches

Loads of things can go wrong during a wrestling match, and some of them can be quite entertaining. To celebrate the latest rope snap in the WWE, we decided to provide you an overview of our favorite WWE botches!

The Chris Jericho Slip

Jericho had a lovely botch moment when he did a segment involving CM Punk and a bottle of Jack Daniels. Unfortunately, Jericho did not foresee the effects of the Jack Daniels on the floor, slipping on it and falling flat on the floor. Jericho did not seem to be bothered though, as he continued with the segment as if nothing happened. LEGEND!

What Am I Saying?

Some WWE superstars prefer to go out with a script. Randy Orton was one of those superstars when he just started out. Unfortunately, it led him to forget his lines during his second appearance, leading to a hilarious botch that will go down in history.

RKO Out of Somewhere?

Another great Randy Orton botch, and one that can only be spotted by a genuine Orton fan, happened during a match with Big Show. While the move should have gone right, sometimes you cannot prepare for a botch like this.


Even my favorite wrestler of all time, Rey Mysterio, has a spectacular botch under his name. His trademarked move 6-1-9 went wrong. His move botch went wrong during a live show, so it is not as widely known. Still, I’m sure Rey looks back at it now finding it hilarious.

Titus Worldslide

When we mention WWE botches, we cannot afford to miss Titus O’Neil and his big fall during the Greatest Royal Rumble 2018. Titus O’Neil was excited to get to the ring. So excited even, he ended up under the ring instead of on top. Still, this botch will give us laughs for many years to come.

Timing Issues

Some moves inside the ring require impeccable timing; this was indeed the case for a match between Gail Kim and Mickie James. Unfortunately, a timing issue causes an unrealistic kick and an angry Mickie. Even though these things happen, female wrestlers at the time had so much more to prove. Thus, a botch like this could have cost them both dearly, in TV time as well as their career.

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