What Is CM Punk’s UFC Future? Does He Have One?

Even though CM Punk had his heart set on becoming successful in the UFC, his recent loss does not bode well for his future in mixed martial arts. Punk may be one of the most exciting wrestlers to watch, but things are not going as well in the UFC. Here are the details on his recent loss as well as the implications for his future career.

Losing Against Mike Jackson

There was some hype surrounding CM Punk’s second UFC fight, but unfortunately, it was not meant to be. Punk lost against Mike Jackson, who picked up his first win in the largest mixed martial arts promotion in the world.

Mike Jackson claims he did not go all out against CM Punk during the match. Here is what he said during an interview after his victory:

“What I learned is that Dana White and MMA fans, you guys are savages, man. It’s like, they wanted me to give this dude some sever CTE. And I was like, this guy has a family to feed, he has someone to go home to.”

“And I would feel bad, I sent him to the emergency room with just the cuts and bruises to his face. And they wanted me to give this dude severe brain damage. I’m not about that life.

The statements made by Jackson seem to be an indicator of tension between the UFC’s boss Dana White and Jackson himself. It also seems to point to a possible problem between Dana White and CM Punk; this leaves CM Punk’s future within the MMA entirely unclear.

Why Punk Should Return to Wrestling

Punk is a brilliant wrestler, putting aside my personal opinion on CM Punk. He is currently fighting for a company who would love to see him seriously hurt, so how is that a good working environment?

I support a trade: CM Punk for Brock Lesnar. I would much rather see Punk wrestle in the WWE than Lesnar, and Lesnar is not done with mixed martial arts. Lesnar is bound to pull enough business for Dana White, and the WWE would be much better off with a talented wrestler such as Punk. Of course, it all comes down to what Punk wants for his future.

Look, I do not doubt that CM Punk can attract the same amount of people to wrestling events as Brock Lesnar does. He’ll even put on a better show than Lesnar. Punk has missed so many opportunities in wrestling due to the mistakes of WWE management, so this could be the perfect time to rectify those mistakes and give Punk the wrestling recognition he deserves so much. I may not like Punk on a personal level, but there is no denying the man is brilliant in the ring and on the mic. So, I hope the WWE puts in an effort and convinces Punk to finally make his return.

What is next for CM Punk? 

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