Ringside’s 5 Best Non-WWE Wrestlers So Far This Year

The WWE is not the only place where you can witness good wrestling. In fact, there are many indie promotions delivering some of the best matches you have ever seen. Of course, there are indie wrestlers that contribute to these promotions, so I have picked out my five favorite non-WWE wrestlers of 2018. Enjoy!

1. Kenny Omega


Much like when AJ Styles was still working the indies, Kenny Omega is the hottest free agent today. Like AJ Styles before him, he attracts thousands of wrestling fans to the indies, so this is undoubtedly a man the WWE would love to get their hands on.

There are many things that make Kenny Omega stand out. Naturally, he has some amazing wrestling skills, but has also has the ability to tell an amazing story. No wonder Kenny Omega made it to the top of the indies.

I have to admit, the chances of Kenny Omega joining the WWE are slim. Remember, the WWE comes with a lot of restrictions creatively, a problem Omega does not have in the indies. So, I have no problems enjoying Omega’s work in the indies instead.

2. Kazuchika Okada


I dislike putting a ranking on people, especially when it comes to someone with the skills of Kazuchika Okada, better known as ‘The Rainmaker’, the longest-reigning IWGP Heavyweight Champion in history. He also beat the record for the most single defenses in one championship reign.

Of course, being the longest-reigning champion, not everyone likes Kazuchika Okada. Personal feelings of some fans aside, there is no denying that Okada has some of the highest-rated matches under his name. His track record speaks for itself, so he undoubtedly deserves his spot in this list.

3. Hiromu Takahashi


This man has been on a lot of my lists over the years. While he may have struggled with his own character in 2017, Takahashi is back and better than ever! Unfortunately, even though he is one of my all-time indie favorites, it is unlikely he will end up in the WWE due to his high-risk style.

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4. Ilja Dragunov

Much like Takahashi, Ilja Dragunov has quite an intensive style with little to no regard for his own body. He is undoubtedly one of the biggest indie stars at the moment, bringing loads of intensity to the table.

If Dragunov was ever to be recruited by the WWE, they almost are guaranteed to make him a heel due to his Russian character. Still, for the time being, I’m more than happy to follow Dragunov in the indies, because boy is he an exciting watch!

5. The Young Bucks

Love them or hate them, there is something magical about the Young Bucks. They remind me a lot of the Hardy Boyz in their early career, hopefully without the accompanying problems.

Matt and Nick Jackson recently reunited with Kenny Omega, becoming the Golden Elite. They will play a big role during the ‘All In’ even. I, for one, cannot wait what they bring to the table.

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