Open Season: John Cena’s Dream NXT Opponent…

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So, sometimes I peruse WWE.Com for news and notes and things worth talking about. This afternoon was one of those times, and I certainly found myself something that fit the bill. On the front page was this clip discussing who John Cena’s dream NXT opponent would be. Before watching, I figured it was covering anyone on the roster presently, but (spoiler alert) it’s really just who John would like as a dream opponent from this trio: Adam Cole, Ricochet or Velveteen Dream. And of those three, Cena said he felt it was most likely to be….Dream.

So, what’s to be made of all this?

First off, if you think about those three, any of those three, in a match with Cena? Think about that for a minute. We already know Big Match John can bring it in any number of matches, no matter the size of the spotlight. It’s what he does, and it’s how he earned the moniker. Adam Cole and Ricochet in particular are fairly well seasoned veterans, even if they are finally getting into some bigger arenas and in front of bigger crowds than they’ve ever experienced before. But forgetting that aspect of it, we know that both are capable of bringing it. Sitting here and imagining Adam Cole versus Cena or Ricochet versus Cena is quite a happy thought.

But what really gets me excited? That’s the Velveteen Dream squaring off with John Cena. And, as we saw in the clip, Cena himself agrees.

I mean, how awesome would that match be? Dream, ever since being re-packaged, has been on a rocket to the top. There were talks at some points over the earlier parts of 2018, so we know there are plenty of the right people in Stamford who are high on the rising young Superstar. He could have a similar debut like Kevin Owens did, going right after the veteran Superstar. I think a program  of Cena and Velveteen Dream could be superb, especially if Cena helps get the young star over.

So, while Cena was merely answering a question at a Con in Florida, it’s not so crazy to think that someone was testing the waters on what match fans want. Or, perhaps it’s Cena aiming to make his wishes known to the public? I mean, it’s pro wrestling so you never know what is real and what is planned. And most of us assume it’s just about all planned out.

WNZ readers, who would you most want to see John Cena fight next from NXT?

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