Moustache Mountain Defeats The Undisputed Era For The NXT Tag Team Championships!

It has been a week of wrestling surprised; including for the NXT brand. We have new NXT tag team champions because Tyler Bate & Trent Seven (Moustache Mountain) have defeated Kyle O’Reilly and Roderick Strong (Undisputed Era) for the NXT Tag Team Championships.

When Did This Happen

The match between Moustache Mountain and the Undisputed Era took place at the NXT UK Championship taping. It is a smart move if you ask me since it draws the necessary attention to the UK show.

Of course, the title match took place at the iconic Royal Albert Hall in London. The location was not the only thing that was iconic about this match, because both tag teams put on a fantastic show for us. NXT surpassed Raw and SmackDown again in a significant way.

What Does It Mean for the Future of the NXT Tag Team Division?

While I have no doubt that Moustache Mountain deserves a title run, I think their current championship run is a strategy by Triple H. Remember, he recently announced that the WWE would be creating an NXT UK Show with two new additional titles, the WWE NXT Tag Team Championships, and the NXT UK Women’s Championship.

The WWE’s Indian strategy may have failed, but the UK strategy is very much alive. Putting some Brits at the helm of the titles is the obvious choice. Unfortunately, this means the title run might be short-lived for Moustache Mountain, at least until enough attention has been obtained for NXT UK.

In my opinion, there are little to no consequences for the Undisputed Era. This team is on fire right now, and they do not need to be elevated by a title at this point. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big Undisputed Era fan, so I hope they get plenty of television time over the next couple of months.

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