Everything You Need To Know About The New NXT UK Brand

There is some exciting news for UK and NXT fans because Triple H has officially announced the arrival of the NXT UK brand. NXT is taking the world by storm and is arguably better than both Raw and SmackDown combined. So, how lucky are we to get another NXT show added to that? Here is everything you need to know!

New Titles for UK and Ireland Competitors

Good news for UK and Ireland-based wrestlers, because there will be some new WWE titles to fight for. The WWE’s official Twitter account announced the arrival of the UK Women’s Championship Title and the UK Tag Team Championship.

The tapings for the new NXT UK Show will commence on Friday, June 29th. However, we will have to wait until July to see the result. The WWE has been speculating for a long time about a pure WWE UK brand, so its arrival was long overdue. I cannot wait!

My View as a British Fan

A UK brand is excellent news for us British fans for many reasons. Firstly, I see the NXT brand as my central hub for wrestling. It is undoubtedly the superior brand in my opinion. The only downside? Having to stay up so late to watch it. With the arrival of the UK brand, this is all about to change!

There is one slight hitch though, and that is the lack of promotion for the brand. NXT┬ásurpassed the WWE’s main shows years ago, but the NXT UK version still must fight itself to the forefront. Once again, there is a lack of promotion for the UK so that it could put a damper on the success of the brand. Let’s hope┬áthat people find their way to the brand without the WWE’s continuous promotion.

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