Curt Hawkins Nears Another “Historic Milestone”

Curt Hawkins is making waves, but not in the traditional wrestling way! Instead of becoming the longest reigning champ, or even having an undefeated streak, Hawkins is cementing himself in wrestling history by becoming the man with the most consecutive losses!

Surpassing 200 Losses

Hawkins officially reached his 199th loss against No Way Jose and Titus Worldwide. Teaming up with the Ascension, Hawkins kept his streak alive. Let me tell you; I am much more interested in this streak than the Brock Lesnar breaking CM Punk’s Championship streak.

How Should the WWE Continue Kurt Hawkins’ Losing Streak?

I do not think it is the right time to break the streak. There is an opportunity for a great storyline here in the future, providing the WWE handles it well.

Hawkins is currently a heel, but for a future storyline to become hugely successful, it would probably be necessary to turn Hawkins into a babyface. Once Hawkins has become incredibly popular because of his losing streak, I would put him against a significant superstar, who is a heel, and let him take a win at a big pay-per-view.

There could also be more comedy in the cards. The WWE could keep Hawkins heel and make it very clear that he is trying to maintain his losing streak; for example, lying down on the mat for a 1-2-3 just after the match starts. Of course, breaking the streak that way comes with a bunch of extra problems creatively, but it is not impossible.

WWE must give the streak the necessary promotion if they intend to do something with it. There have been many unusual gimmicks in the past, but the WWE always pushes its agenda, leaving some of the best characters in the WWE far behind them.

A prime example of a gimmick that is currently struggling because of a lack of promotion is Matt Hardy’s ‘Woken’ Universe. Matt Hardy has brought one of the best gimmicks in decades to the WWE. However, the WWE is not seeing its value at the moment, since we haven’t seen much of Hardy’s epic promos. Instead, we get the occasional squash match with little to no attention to the tag team division. It’s the sad reality of how favorite characters die in the WWE.

Leaving Matt Hardy’s ‘Woken’ gimmick to the side at this time, let’s focus back on Curt Hawkins fun defeated streak. I do not doubt that WWE unintentionally created the streak. But now they have it, and they should run with it. Due to his losing streak, Hawkins has become loved by the fans, so I suggest building up that streak until he eventually loses it in a big way (preferably during a big pay-per-view).

Do you love Curt Hawkins’ losing streak? Should the WWE keep the streak going, or should they end it once he reaches the 200 mark? Let us know your original ideas and possible storylines in the comment section below. I look forward to reading all your thoughts!