WWE’s Reaction To All In Being Sold Out!

All In will be one of the biggest events in indie wrestling history, with 10,000 tickets selling out in less than a half hour. Naturally, many wrestling fans wonder what the reaction was of WWE management when they found out. Here’s the story!

‘Not Worried’ About Major Indie Event

According to Brad Sheppard from wrestling news website¬†‘Body Slam’, the WWE is not interested in any shape or form where the All In event sales are concerned. They are focused on their own events, including the Money in the Bank pay-per-view, which will take place on the 17th of June.

Sheppard’s source went even further, saying WWE management have laughed at the Young Bucks. They sell loads of merchandise but often find themselves wrestling in front of small crowds. If true, the WWE might be on their way to their own downfall through arrogance.

My Take on WWE’s Alleged Reaction

Brock Lesnar

The astonishing and swift ticket sales for the All In event proves that people care about good wrestling. You can provide all flashiness and big stages, but if you do not provide a quality show, people will go elsewhere to get it.

While there is loads of talent in the WWE, some of the latest pay-per-views have been below average at best. The return of Daniel Bryan brought some people back, but many of us are tired of underwhelming main events.

Cody and the Bullet Club prove that a good card and talented wrestlers are all you need to keep fans excited. Booking the right matches matters more than ever, not management pushing their own agenda.

There is no doubt the Bullet Club is pulling a lot of fans to the indie circuit. I couldn’t be happier about that. The WWE needs some competition again. While they deliver a good product, it seems a lot of people have become complacent. They are the biggest company around with no real competition to speak. Having pressure from the indies could make the overall product better again.

In my opinion, the massive ticket sales for All In are just the beginning. If the WWE continues treating its fans like loyal sheep who will watch even the worst bookings they put on, then the indies might become the mainstream in a matter of years. Brock Lesnar is just one of the many symptoms of things wrong with the WWE, so if things don’t change, rest assured fans will be jumping to somewhere else.

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