Vince McMahon’s Most Cringe-Worthy Decisions

WWE Vince McMahon

Even though Vince McMahon does not shy away from a shocking storyline, there have been some truly cringe-worthy story angles! If you are curious about the ones that went horribly wrong, these are the most cringe-worthy story angles the WWE would like to forget!

Vince Takes on God

For a country as religious as the United States, you would think that Vince would step away from the idea of booking god in a match against himself. Unfortunately, Vince went through with the idea, leading to some truly cringe-worthy television. And what’s worse…Vince BEAT GOD in the match!

Jim Ross’ Surgery

Jim Ross

Not even members of the commentary team escape some of Vince’s mad ideas. In 2005, beloved commentator Jim Ross needed extensive colon surgery. Many fans wished him well and hoped for a speedy recovery. Of course, Vince took it one step further with the Jim Ross’ Dr. Heiney segment.

During the segment, Jim Ross was played by a pair of rubber buttocks. The entire segment revolved around many fart and poop jokes, making a mockery of the surgery Jim Ross was going through. Nowadays, this would be a PR nightmare for the WWE, but somehow Vince McMahon got away with it then.

Lita & Kane’s Marriage and Baby Storyline

Where to begin with this one, because it does not get more cringe-worthy than this WWE story angle. For this storyline, Kane was trying to seduce Lita, eventually leading to a soap opera worthy story involving an implication that Kane raped Lita, followed by Lita announcing her pregnancy. Matt Hardy attempted to defend his then-girlfriend against Kane but would fail horribly, leading to the forced marriage between Lita and Kane. Then, Lita lost the baby after an accident when Kane fell on her after being pushed by Gene Snitsky. Then, Kane and Lita would team up against him. Are you still following? Don’t worry, we can’t either!

These last ones really capitalize on social controversies. Vince pushed the envelope and then just THREW IT into the fire…

Billy and Chuck Are Straight?

In 2002, it was heavily implied that Billy and Chuck were more than just tag team partners, much to the amusement of the WWE Universe. Of course, the WWE decided to do a little twist and take it one step further with a commitment ceremony.

The live commitment ceremony could count on the appreciation from the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation. They even sent the couple a gravy boat as a gift. However, the WWE would ruin everything by making them confess they weren’t gay during the commitment ceremony. Needless to say, it got the WWE some bad press!

The N-Word

Oh Vince, you never learn! Being a billionaire (at least according to his latest net worth statements) makes Vince blissfully unaware of things not to say on television. That, or he simply couldn’t care less.

On WWE television, Vince McMahon would tell John Cena: “Keep it up, my N****!” Needless to say, the crowd wasn’t amused and neither was Booker T, he uttered his now famous phrase “Tell me he didn’t just say that…” OUCH!

What was the most cringe-worthy moment caused by Vince in WWE history? Let us know your personal favorites (or hated moments) in the comment section below! We look forward to reading them.