Ryback States Female Wrestling Fans Have Mental Issues! Excuse Me?

Ryback is not shy about making a controversial statement or two; this much we’ve experienced since he left the WWE. Now, Ryback has made another less than charming statement. Here is the story.

Conversations with the Big Guy


I used to like Ryback, at least until he started talking and showing his actual personality. One of his latest statements added fuel to the fire for many female wrestling fans, including myself, who feels personally insulted by his statements.

During his recent podcast, Ryback had a conversation with his new co-host Phoenix Marie, a porn star. When Marie stated she would not go out with her fans, Ryback said the following:

“That’s like a wrestler dating a girl that’s a huge wrestling fan. I don’t know if I would.”

Marie then asked if it was because they would only want to talk about matches. This is where Ryback made his unfortunate statement:

“Yeah. Amongst other things … mental issues … but yeah, it would be scary to me.”

Even Ryback’s co-host seemed to be taken aback by his statement. During the podcast, she would state that she liked wrestling, so if that means she has mental issues. Ryback’s reply? “Well, you got into porn.” Ugh…

My Opinion

To be honest, Ryback says so many things that are out of this world. In this current day and age, statements like that could seriously hurt your career. Still, I don’t think Ryback cares at all.

Since the statements made by Ryback are so stupid, I don’t think it’s worth paying much attention to. Let’s face it, which woman would like to date Ryback at this point anyway, especially after those statements? So, ladies, we don’t take this from anyone, least of all a wrestler who needs to make these statements to stay relevant. So, let’s move on to wrestlers who do appreciate their female fans! *drops mic

What’s your opinion on Ryback’s statements? Let us know in the comment section below!

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